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Selected song name: Marks
Singer Name: Eshon Burgundy
Lyrics written by: Eshon Burgundy

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The mark of the Beast is coming, yeah
Strong faith
The mark of the Beast is coming
In these last days, salute, salute

Nothing's ever gonna break me down
Blessed with the spirit of the lost and found
Whatever He speaks, I know He will achieve
Tell my fear to rest in peace, I'm with the author now, yeah
I give no credence to my grievance
Sirens yell from policemen, tears fell for a season, I'm back up
Compelled by my allegiance, derailed by the treason
But when I pray it's like back pay, I'm stacked up
Faith, I don't be believing in bad luck
The universe in control my life, don't even add up
Bless the God of Heaven
Give me all the 7s
Love through obedience
That’s beyond affection
He said you’re made in My image
That means you’re My reflection
That’s what the devil hates
The Messiah survived, is still alive
And walks the earth in the body of the saints
To ensure the death, the soldier pierced Him with the shank
Out came blood and water, ooh, that's out of order
Only way to maintain is do what the Father taught us
When colored people are born, the enemies try to off us
From the womb to the coffin, I was on my way to Tarshish
Like Jonah, these rappers nothing but personas
But in the priesthood, we gotta own it
Goliath endowed with power, but how blessed was his opponent
David killed the lion and birthed the lion for our atonement, yeah
A man after the own heart of the only God
Shrouded in so much armor, he had to throw it off
My protection is in the resurrection
X the necks of these giants, and next 'em to the essence
Demons want to put weapons in our intestines
Without no acquiescence, the day of Yah's return is clandestine
Stating my confession with the scripture present laughs
Hand on the Bible
Only mark I'm taking I already took
Elohim marked my name down in the holy book
Hanging with Christ, you see me as the crook
But not the one who cursed Him, I'm the one He took, salute

Say we don't want it, we don't need it, no no
I'm not buying
Take your mark and keep it moving on
We don't want it
Say we don't need it, no no
I'm not buying
Pack it up and keep it moving on
Babylon the great, but now you're desolate
Doomed for destruction, we cannot affiliate
For me to live is Christ, I am unashamed
For me to die is gain, do not resuscitate
Chatty chatty devil, tell 'em cállate
We shifting everything like a tectonic plate
Blood of Yahweh cover every state
Gimme life insurance with a better rate, whoa
Them often trick me with the magic
But the word up inna my arch, know the verse, the mathematic
Now I stand, I'm moved up into the attic
Extract the rest of y'all, I'm off the planet for
Them often tear me down, them often stop it
But we keep rising up every day just like a topic
Real soldier, ready for the static
Come move me, like my back up in the traffic, whoa

For the Bible tells me so
Jesus loves me, yes, I know
For the Bible tells me so