Mayfield Lyrics

DJ Chose & BeatKing Lyrics

Aye aye aye im from mayfield kentucky u know meh i get hole lotta pepole in trouble u stealing my rax u gon get slapped thats fo a fact yea3x yea u know pack , u gon and aressted ''aye yall dont make talk about daat boy who got slapped hahahahah'' u is so fugly u ain't made fa me im better den you, u sweating soon as u see me even tho u was just checking , think i got Glock? nah im better dat think im fight yea yea but just my hands run up on me u gon aressted i ain't got secriucty but im protected ''bye god!!'' yеa thats facts im stated real facts no cap u know 6six9nine ??? that boy got arrеsted he was to scary instead of making up fo his own mistakes he snitch just like ayeee yooo dont say ok haha yea yea like sayed i said wat i said and those were facts just like mj would all weird folks yall dead to me yall be crying over sum stupid stuff thats scary ima have to stop takin now ima make sumone mad good bye hahahahahahahahahahhaaha...

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