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Selected song name: Midwest
Singer Name: Grayscale
Lyrics written by: Grayscale

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Stay strong for me
At least that's what I'll tell her
'Cause someone's gotta be
If I could let you in my head
You could see what I've been painting, 'cause it's bittersweet
Letting go of the brush you've given me

We'll hang it up for you
When we're back in your Midwest living room
A picture point of view while I waited for you
Waiting for something to get me through

I lived these past two months now
Stumbling like a ghost
I miss you sleeping next to me naked
I'll hang it up for you if we make it

White roses hold an angelic hue just like hers
Like a kid in the Roaring Twenties
He'll save up all week to buy her flowers
And I'll hold it all back
But please just know that

So come back
Please just come back
I'll bury what I know we're missing
And the summer nights we could be living in