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Minecraft Freestyle song lyrics are written by C418

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Selected song name: Minecraft Freestyle
Singer Name: C418
Lyrics written by: C418

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Uh, uh, yo, yo, yo, yo

In Minecraft, you know I work
If you wanna f**k with me, you'll get hurt
Iceman Etika, he ain't a j*rk
Come up to my crib, you will get murked
If you wanna talk sh*t then you'll get push-back
If you wanna see me then I'm gonna hit you real fast
I don't care what you say about my mother, too
Because you know I'm under you
Always waiting for an opportunity to strike
Because I hit in the night
Everybody wants to get up all on the mic
But they don't have the skills so I take it right back
And I'ma give you a smack, because your girl's a** is fat
And that's why I'm gonna..