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Selected song name: Moonlight
Singer Name: Abstract
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'Bout to get it goin' for real
They ask me, "How does it feel?"
Got me feelin' damn happy for real
So many bars, I encase myself inside of a cell
How'd you do it? How'd you do it?
All off of myself
You was bein' mic, talkin' 'bout how I feel
Gettin' O's from the world, givin' exes the bill
'Cause hug, kiss, middle digit how I wanted to feel, I mean
Had to do it, had to do it
Now the whole thing's different
My fan's favorite rappers be the best, it's a mission
Just to keep killin', description is my business
Witness the precision and writtens that go distance

Understand this: I'm not looking for true love tonight
If you wanna be my little baby
You can meet me in the pale moonlight

Says it 'cause she see me somethin' more than a man
Says it 'cause the music make me more than a plan
And the body she was rockin' of a whole 'nother land
Baby, you know I'm your rapper, would you give me the chance?
You the illest when you step in the room
Hotter than the Gobi Desert in the middle of June
Gotta say that I'm fully consumed
And every little word you tell me about all that you do
Your day sounds incredible
Good thing I wrote up and ate a couple letter bowls
Don't you test me on the latest, scared that I'll forget it all; why?
Been lost inside those eyes, but
Conversation provin' that your third one flyin', but
I ain't really lookin' for that ride-or-die
You beautiful, no lie
Couldn't pa** this by
But don't go gettin' too attached, I'm only here for the night

I can be your one time baby
I can be your little dairy queen
I don't wanna care tonight, I don't wanna fight
You don't have to give me anything
Just put your sweet kiss, kiss on my lips now, baby

She countin' all the nights when I'm not by her side
Said she's feelin' dizzy when she drunk off the wine
Always loved a man who could write a good rhyme
Wants a penny for my thoughts even though she's a dime
Yeah, I'm on stay high while her eyes stay low
A devilish smile, but words' a halo
I be lookin' at my watch, like, "Where did the time go?"
Sneaking out the crib and I gotta lay low
Yeah, I give her little bit of time, it's never enough
Now she's blowin' up my phone, never picking it up
'Cause I'm out here in California, just living it up
Turnt up with my iPhone speakers up
Yup, sorry girl, got no time to chill
Workin' in the attic for them dollar bills
But when I get back home, or just let it spill
Take you 'round the block for the finest meal, yeah

Baby, I'm the sweetest girl in town, so why are you so mean?
When you gonna ditch that stupid you got?
It's me you should be seein'