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Selected song name: Mostly
Singer Name: Eddy Baker
Lyrics written by: Eddy Baker

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Rolling up another when we high, B*t*h!


Ever since a youngin all I had was grind
Smoke a lot of kush just to ease my mind
Money on my mind like all the time
Anything to get it even doing crime
Respect is earned man it's not given
I'm so damn fresh man I'm not livin
Younga** n***a and I love women
I get the pu**y wet then I dive in it
Following my dreams, Sky's limit
Road to success, yea I'm driving it
Heading up the party with 5 women
Real f**king sh*t man it's so pimpin
Bad white b*t*h when the coke hit me
Say, if I cheat then she gon get me
A lot of n***as hate but they ain't hit me
So you know I gotta keep that thing with me
Tryna get this money for my family
Really don't give a f**k about a Grammy
Roll so much weed I should win a Grammy
F**ked up
Nobody understands me
Plan A I never had a plan B
Catch me with them grams where ever them grams be
I'm posted up hella ? with my auntie
Smoking weed sipping on a Sweet-Tea