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Selected song name: Mourning After
Singer Name: Elle Varner
Lyrics written by: Elle Varner

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What's your reason to lie?
All the feelings in your heart you always sweep to the side
Breaking hearts, another one that you gon' feed to your pride
It's going strong about it, yeah it's like a demon inside
But hey, I understand
I guess that's part of being a guy
You got a chick, and got some other chicks you keep on the side
So when she's not around, you got the choice to cheat on the side
Her soft spot, and it ain't never been this easy to cry
It's 3 o'clock
I'm off this percocet
Put on a beat and drift away, it tent to work for stress
It's like a compet**ion just to see whose hurting less
I hear some bullsh*t about you, wonder what surfaces next, damn, sh*t
Look what you're doing to me
You set up shop in my mind, and started ruining me
And I just wish that you was old enough, wish that you was grown enough
You know, but sometimes I feel you don't know enough
You cold as f**k
Just called to see how you're holding up
Cause Cupid shot a crazy aim, them b*t*hes loaded up
And we're playing this crazy game you got me so in love
Feel like we're slipping, it's distant, you hardly showing love
I mean you hardly even showing up
You're getting older but you hardly even growing up
We're going up, and all this sh*t is crazy
You say you're down forever, you'll forever be my baby
They know, yeah and they know
And if they don't know....They know now

Yeah, Look
Young boys, young mind so they want to play
Young girls, young pride so they run away
They never stay
Easy thing to do is quit to they rather run to another, and tell 'em that he ain't sh*t
It's sick
Young queens, stay down for your young king
A young boy with dumb girls do dumb things
Know the difference, cause some n***as want one thing
And some boys ain't really down for that love thing
It's all good
A relation isn't everything
You fall in love and all you're focused on is wedding rings
But girl you're young, you should be focusing on better things
But if it's real, then lets just hope it's a forever thing
On everything
Young love is a druggie love
A****s laughing at you, telling you it's puppy love
They think it's cute, not knowing how it could suck you up
But if it isn't real then tell me how it always f**ks me up?
How it always..yeah

Love is like magic
First you see it and then it disappears
It's like, what I got to do to be appreciated?
Steady giving love that ain't reciprocated
I feel like I'm the best but I'm so underrated
But f**k it all
Know what I'm saying?

So much for the love that I should have been given
Still hard and my heads still spinning
I should've known from the very beginning
You ain't sh*t
But don't worry about me, cause I'm out here living
It's all good, baby no hard feelings
Lost you but I ended up winning
I'm so legit
And now somebody else is sleeping in my bed
Doing all the things you never, ever did
It's amazing, so amazing
What comes when you just stop chasing
And he's everything you never could've been
Hard to think of you, too busy loving him
It's amazing, so amazing
What comes when the love's not weighing down
Down, down