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My Old Home (Demo) song lyrics are written by Ethan Gruska

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Selected song name: My Old Home (Demo)
Singer Name: Ethan Gruska
Lyrics written by: Ethan Gruska

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My old home with flowers on all the tables
Where did all that go?
I guess the flowers got old and died

Wilted and dried from the son who was never that able
To sit with you while you cried
Now he's the one who's alone

Yeah I'm trying
Yeah I'm trying real hard
Trying to build this thing back up from nothing
But I'm shooting in the dark
Keep on missing the mark, yeah
But there's no doubt in my mind that I feel something
Deep in my heart
Hot on my head, yeah

We are growin' older and bolder
Trying to find the thread that connects our hearts
Stretches so damn far, forget we're apart
But now I got my head, said I'm tryin' to correct
My growing list of wrongs
And I'm surprised how it got this long

And yeah I was a child but that don't cut it anymore
Not like we're playing on any little swing set
Is the world that's spinning 'round
We get stuck to the ground, yeah
But when we said that we could go higher
Yeah I believed that
And I feel it coming on
It's why I wrote this song, yeah