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Selected song name: Never Had Crisp
Singer Name: Calvin Harris
Lyrics written by: Calvin Harris

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Never been crisp
Never had crisp
Never knew crisp
Never out
Never do crisp damn
But there ain't never gonna be two crisps
Wait, wait, wait
Never not been crisp
Never had a rollie on the crisp

Always been lit
When dispensin’
A sentence
Leave ‘em resting
If you test him
It’s the Armageddon
Better get ready
Dark roads ahead
Rip the medicine plenty
Rollin’ heavy
Boutta kill you!
They ain’t gon miss you!

Did you try to find a Bri this crisp?
Do you eye another Bri like crisp?
Like a young child on the slide
Feeling so high we take flight

High up on a cloud
Rhyming with some style
Slide in with the loud
Smoke ‘em down
Holy sound
Rowing with a motor now
On the prowl
Rollin’ sour so sweet
Every hour
Got the wisdom of an owl
You can hear the howls in the nighttime
Singing to the night sky
Whipping on blunts rides
Spittin’ off nice rhymes
It’s the right time
No waitin’ makin’ every mic mine
Time to let the light shine
F**k with me you might die
Leave ‘em fried
When I dime-In on a beat
I’m dining
Have a feast
When The Sargent eat
On ya flesh
I finesse
Every single set
Leave ‘em all in check
Rap like I’m possessed
Please don’t ever tread on me
Get the f**k off me
You don’t want beef
Every line sparks heat
Dive into the sharks reef
Sargent make you and god meet
I’m Godly
One man army marchin’
It’s The Sargent

Never been crisp
Never had crisp
Never knew crisp
Never out never do crisp

I need a one crisp
Never mind I need one Sarge
I have powers taking hold
Aw, aw
I'm in charge

I need one girl
To get me through my days
Dream of you at night
Your love leaves my soul at ease

Easy like the way you shake it down down down
Getting on me
Tell me crispy you the only
Give me a shot keeping track of where my toes be
I can you be your Kobe
Baby this is for three
Two if you playing blacktop
Smash while we listening to "Crack Rock,"
Maybe it's just practice but what's batting practice without a backstop?
Green light from the MacBook
Tell you that it's nothing but I wanna watch the back strokes
Say she taking birth control I give her all my tadpoles

You know what song this is?
This is Jake’s a b*t*h
You’re a b*t*h!
Written by…
They’re all still in mouth

Finna rock it

Yo watcha watcha what?

Yo watcha watcha got?

Watcha watcha watcha watcha watcha got?

Watcha watcha watcha…

Watcha watcha watcha watcha watcha got?
Watcha got?

Watcha got?
Got a question, yo

What you call a rapper who f**kin’ with me?
You don’t
Sargent do the most stay f**king up a flow
F**kin’ up the totals
Going through the moguls
If they in my way then I smoke ‘em ‘till I’m sittin on the throne
Hold the phone
B*t*h yeah I’m flyer than a drone
You couldn’t name a better rapper unless I was cloned
Gave him a whole sheet of f**king tablets
Told him rap sh*t
Still come at that pu**y blasting!

Blastoff to blackout
I tag in Sean tag out
Cop degrees make dad proud
Now stand down
F**k all these pussies with they hands out now that we have a two-man band now
Youth in the stands now
Boom then a bam pow!
Every Wednesday like a Camel
Taking turns cleaning up these rappers like a sham-wow
Killing everything
Even got a verse on “One Dance” now
Figure this the one chance now ‘fore we throw the damn towel
Haters coming at me I just ran ‘round
Link up with The Sargent blaze loud
Get the bars going face crowds
Beat the beat again
B*t*h just stay down
Eat the whole f**king thing like a starved and caged hound

Pu**y better stay down
Advise you not get up
You’ll need to call the morgue when I wet up the medic
Get wrecked up
When I’m checking the mic
Pay the price if you hecklin’
I’ll kill you in a second better get to steppin
Or you resting in the trenches
Flow unleaded
Beat is shredded
Who they dreading
Sharks heading where you treading
Leave ‘em red like Reddit
Blunt to the head
I’m suspended
Extensive sound is pleasant
Flexin’ on you peasants
Real what I’m possession

You talking?
You said what?
Your head just exploding with red stuff
Like ketchup
But realer
She your b*t*h?
I steal her
Oh my whip?
Plates dealer
My mix so deadly I’m breaking your speakers

Facing the reaper
Came back with his scythe
Hi nice to meet ya
It’s Mr. Raps Are So Sick

Mr. Raps Are So Crisp
Mix and master your b*t*h
We come back like the Sith
It’s Darth Maul and Darth Sid-
-Idious you idiot
You sitting getting hit with pigeon sh*t
I’m in and out a Gingie b*t*h even if we didn’t get permission this is Crisp and...

Sargent ripping it you little b*t*h
You better know what the business is
The Sargent bars are infinite
Spitting sick on you f**king simpletons
300 yards away
I’mma chip it in
Cop that sh*t
I’m flippin’ it
Yeah I’m f**king gettin’ it
Fire when I’m sketching it
Yeah yeah…