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Selected song name: New York 2015
Singer Name: Elizabeth Gillies
Lyrics written by: Elizabeth Gillies

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Love me
Or leave it be
Oh hold me close
Or let it go
To die
Or try to disappear

New York, New York
It's a wonderful town
Who the Bronx is up, yeah
But I'm falling down
While you
You go racing around

I'm not another wish
On some hot summer night
It all come down to this
I'm hiding in plain sight

So thrill me
Or kill it off
You give everything that I need
Or nothing at all

I'm not another lie
Hoping to be true
My body and my blood
They both arise from you

You shed no tears when I begin
My recitation of your sins
I hear the ticking of your clock
You wanna run I wanna walk
Slow, steady
Get ready to rock & roll all night

I'm not a rumor
I'm not in love
I'm just the future you are never thinking of
Here now
Forever somehow

This angry heart
This angry heart
This angry heart