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Next Shit song lyrics are written by Esoterik

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Selected song name: Next Shit
Singer Name: Esoterik
Lyrics written by: Esoterik

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Hmm, damn, that sh*t dolo

Esoterik one time
Future bright like sunshine
I set it off of one rhyme
You're curious so come find what you're looking for
The essence that shook the floor
I get it hot and cook em all
I'm motivated so I look for more
Yeah, you can catch me chillin'
I got the killer's skills you won't match me villian
Because good triumphs over evil
But through my eyes people are equal
It's just a matter of time
Before I shatter your mind
Gather the signs
Only to present you with a ladder to climb
At the top picture a place in your mind
That you've never been
Beyond what you've ever seen
Conjure up a better dream
My style stays forever green
My goal is forever seen
I dream unseen it seems to have never been
A problem
So I'm off with the fairies to have a session with the goblin

Bliss and Esoterik
On the next sh*t check it
Did you expect it?
Check it out, yo

As I clamber like a panda
I hurdle verbal fences and trenches
And past tenses held in amber
I get a hand decanter
The influences
That give me six senses
Hence since my context
Huh, and ejects concepts which your shallow
Which reflects erects and gets gallows
To hang em all by necks
Now pay your respects

Now Bliss, a little less complex for all that missed it
This is how ya rip sh*t

I got realistic statistics
Showin' relative to the chances, a futuristic
High probability of MC characteristic crisis
Caused by linguistic, devices
Which entices
Artistic slices
To be amputated
The way you made it from related past individuals with lyrical residuals
Dated from back years so
Now relative to the way you're evaluated and most likely degraded
Oh yeah, B L I to the double S N
I'm out with the E to the SO

This is the feeling I'm having
Esoteric's how I imagine
The Izm rips the record the rythm that's how it happens
Down with whatever
My lyrics brought the weather together forever we're clever my rhyme will always remember
Wipe you're feet before you enter the centre
I'm livin' my dreams and my life's an adventure
I picture rivers running
My visions coming
Clearer, I steer a car off a cliff
Lay it down without a part you could miss
Let's take a break and spark up a spliff
It's like that, Bliss come on down and check it