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Selected song name: No Middle Man
Singer Name: Berner
Lyrics written by: Berner

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Yea, shout out to the D-Boys baby
We gettin' money this year

I hustle 'til the weight's gone
Money slow, but I stay strong
Militant minded, spittin' out napalm
State to state, all the real G's gotta feel us
No middle man sh*t, nah we the dealers
Grew up a convict like Akon
In the kitchen whippin' gettin' my bake on
But f**k jail, before we go, they gon' have to kill us
No middle man sh*t, nah we the dealers

He came home with blood in his hands
He's a changed man
And now he can't sleep at night
I got cream for 16, you can't beat that price
Remember Benny with them old schools and freaked out bikes?
I'm on the phone with my fam in the pen, stay up
Gave him ten years just for stickin' banks up
Fresh from my shirt to my shoes
You know pimpin's in her ear, tryna get her to choose
I'm outta state feeling like a f**kin million or two, new life
Wrist covered in new ice, I'm too nice
Polo pea coat, fire weed to smoke
Z's got all me tired, got me speaking slow
All I see is death, so I value every breath I take
And clean up every mess I make
State to state, all the D-Boys gotta feel us
No middle man sh*t, nah we the dealers

We the realest, ridin' in a car full of killers
You ain't done what we done
You don't get it like this, you ain't from where I'm from
I'm from the home of coke dealers, pimpin, and bums
I'm from the home of young ones that'll shoot up your ride over nothin'
This bow got 'em losin their mind
Thoughts of suicide got him crying alone, he took his life on his own
And f**k time I'd rather die before we go, they gon' have to kill us
Six deep with seven guns
Went from a key and ten p's to seven tons
Back on the road, a new load, my second run in two weeks
I gave the 2-seater new feet
And got the swimming pool lookin like a new beach
Bad b*t*hes blowin' good without her thing on
From the bottom to the top, it didn't take long

I could never change n***a it's in my family tree
My cousin had the line and pa**ed it down to me
First time I seen big money was Big lee
N***a I bought two, but he fronted me 3
16 and I'm tryna see a whole key
Tried to go to school, but n***a it just wasn't for me
Therefore I learned everything I know in these streets
Rain hail sleet, I was outside
Sellin to dope fiends but never lost my pride
Real killa you can see it in a n***a eyes
If we doin' bad, we comin' for the pies
F**k the middle man cuz n***a we the wise guys
I can get you the sh*t that'll have their a** fly high
Stuck in the kitchen cuz I'm addicted to pitchin'
Tried to tell em I'm a hustla but they didn't listen
He ain't pay em up so now his a** missin