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Selected song name: Nothing Ventured
Singer Name: Edo. G
Lyrics written by: Edo. G

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Merry fifth-mas ‘til you get your trees up
Black Thought spit like a firearm - lickin’ your knees up
Fifth militia crowd please alight Nate Wally
Worldwide - civilized when it speak ollie
Courage under fire - Thought, the wire-walkin’ SP
Smooth-talkin’ rap Attila - the hundred-spliff skilla
So travel the globe, there’s none iller
Come blows in the spine - tell her why the rhyme killer
Clone grafted on sweat that I shed - somethin’ I said
Rock a fifth insignia all up on his head
My black lung regiment can’t relate with fake sh*t
I’m swimmin’ with up inside the snake pit
Makeshift n***as is lost out there - the turn the mics off
Y’all MCs should duck down
We comin’ with this well-wrapped sound from Philly-town
Shatter your crown - what the people want now

Now all these chickens runnin’ round with they head cut off
And if you ever caught me sleepin’, it was after I got my nut off
You like shinin’? It’s gettin’ shut off
We keep ones like strippers who shake they b*** off
A lot of y’all can’t pay back advances
I get my grind on just like lap dances
We in the last days, the last chances
No storybook romances - me and Thought got the answers
If we wylin’ or chillin’ growin’ up in bloody streets
Or even in bleedin’ buildings - this rap thing feedin’ millions
You on a mission to shine and glisten
‘Cause money talks, and when it talks, motherf**kers listen
Now, ‘cause your ish flop
That don’t apply to me when my ish drop
I love hip-hop, and love Roxbury
N***as be breakin’ when I rock steady
But y’all ain’t ready for Eddie - c’mon

My team can only do the best that we can
And will never let a chicken make us less than a man
Breathe every breath that you can - I’ll be the life of the party
You’ll be the death of your man with your weapon in hand
Yo, I’m liable to let loose on my rival
On my arrival, I spit verses like the Bible
In a language that’s tribal to ensure my survival
Up in the clouds off the hydro
When I pa** you, don’t get salted like a cashew
I do what I want to, and you do what you have to
Ed O.G. - and none of y’all ahead of me
On point is what you better be - dog, check the pedigree