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Selected song name: ON YOUR LAWN
Singer Name: Cam
Lyrics written by: Cam

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Jamaican boy so I like my edibles
J*rk chicken rice and a festival
And why you talking, you’re a little sideman
Sitting on the sideline, you don’t even get to pull

When I’m rich just know imma get the pool
Imma fill it with slags and skets and all
Imma tell an iddy biddy to come and lick up on my d**k and when she does she licking on my testicles

And I’m far too c*cky
Been this way since I sat on potties
Need that one a$ap, need that one rocky
Lot of them be talking but none of them can stop me

they can’t top me
Can’t reach me on their tip toes
Run up in the dance with 20 plus sick flow
Hit em while I’m sipping on vimtos, don’t do indos, sipping on indo

Wavey like my name Mick Jenkins
Close your mouth your sentence ended
I don’t wanna hear you t-t-t-talking
Talking tough you’re built like a bracelet
Don’t have a gang you’re on your own
Go to the gym to sit on your phone
Calling me daddy and said she wants doggy so mister Green pull up and give her a bone

Man a might, come to your house and sh*t on your lawn
I am a king not a prawn
Day til night, dust till dawn
Sound the alarm, sound that horn

And I’m far too c*cky
Been this way since I put on nappies
Bet you thought I was gonna say potty
Man came with the tek like Totti

Man came through with the tek like Totti
Close your legs tell her give me that bobby
Man affa know that if I come through and give an arm and a leg the track will get bodied

Still wavey when the ting get choppy
I’m c*cky like sorry not sorry
Went from picking up sweet to picking up rum from the local offi

Little bit of chaser feeling jolly
Spilt my drink my top is soggy
Skepta told me when it rains it pour
I’m stepping outside I don’t need no brolly
Everyone a clone yeah everyone copy
Mister Green the flow sweet like toffee
That guy there but a grand on an outfit I’ll draw his girl in shoes from bovvy

Truth be told you don’t got no game
Tell a b*t*h boy go wait in the lobby
I don’t really want a kid right now so I wrap that up man a wear that Johnny

Something about, mister green yeah
It don’t really mean no, sh*t to me
I’m off the top in a, different league
I’m of the...

Two stepping in my new creps, man I’m feeling too fresh
When I step inside the booth I’m a nuisance
Cause I got 4s that’ll outshine your 16s and 16s that’ll leave a man clueless

Shut your mouth you’re on crud
F**k with me you’ll get spun
Type of guy to try and put his hand out for a high five when man try give you a spud

Run it up, run it up
They think they’re safe but they’re sitting ducks
I’m just waiting for the day that they’re slipping up
Big zoot, bill it up
Then I step in the booth and I rip it up
Yeah you call my phone I ain’t picking up
Juice and yack, drink it up
Double cup, sip it up