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Selected song name: One Love (DJ Snake Remix)
Singer Name: Estelle
Lyrics written by: Estelle

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Can anybody help me? I'm outta plans
Guess I left my world in somebody's hands
I don't like to hurt but, but everyone gets weak
Someone to rely on, that's what I really need

Now here we stay, it's all that we're worth
I've been through the pain and been dragged through the dirt
Whatever they tell you, we're bigger than words
I've been where you're standing, I know how it hurts
Let this be a song now and this be a day
And we stand together, we'll bе okay
'Cause we're survivors, wе're making it work
Expecting the best when they hope for the worst

One love

One love, this is the way we found
One love, even though they'll let you down
One love, nobody's perfect now
One love, don't let that hold you down
One love, let's stick together now
One love, we've got to stand our ground
One love, it's easy to believe in
One love, believe in you and me
One love