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Outta Control (Freestyle) song lyrics are written by Joell Ortiz

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Selected song name: Outta Control (Freestyle)
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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I ain't even gotta give this too much thought
Joell Ortiz won every war that he ever fought
This ain't no different, I'm listening, you the king of New York?
Little homie you ain't the king of New York, you the next thing on my fork
The messenger with all them rings on that horse
Carrying king's heads til I kick you in your chest
And you cough and fall into a bottomless pit
Homie, you know how many bodies that fit
When we met you said ''it's an honor, man, the YAOWA can spit''
Maybe that's why you left me out of that sh*t
Maybe that's why the Slaughterhouse ain't get dissed
Or maybe I'm not on your radar
You feel you ain't gotta acknowledge my clique
Either way, I personal train this beat, it gotta get ripped
You rich rappers can't respond with all the dollars you get
Gangsta rappers can't retaliate with hollows and clips
And you fashion rappers wear the kind of jeans that hardly get zipped
So zip it, I got this sh*t, real hip-hop in this b*t*h
The apocalypse has fell upon us, watch the zombies I split
The walking dead, I've been a monster, shorty, I can get bit
And never turn, I'm immune to these rappers y'all calling sick
I stomped the red carpet holding my d**k
And throw tomatoes at the podium for whack awards that y'all n***as get
Then stand up and scream YAOWA then dip
And smack a legend on the way out of that b*t*h
Cause I don't big up the elite
The elite can get it too, you all fit under my feet
You all victims, all chitlins when a n***a trying to eat
I'll see to it, y'all missing like a wino n***a teeth
Anybody can get it
Old n***a, new n***a, him n***a, you n***a
One n***a, two n***as, a few n***as
I do n***as harm with these bars
It was brave, you took a chance like a Monopoly cards
Put that telly you trying to check in, boy, that property's ours
Can't get a W on Broadway, I'm New York all day
Yeah, that's where the boss stay
You no hear that oye?
A hundred Ricans running at you chief like Okoye
Last time in Compton I was kicking it with Jorge
I rocked with some cons out west like the boy Ye
But I don't claim king even though my name ring
And I had China in the Bay, we call Beijing
Rodeo to Daygo they telling you the same thing
Chico be in Sacramento so much he can claim king
But that's the west coast, I'm from this coast
I'll leave the king of LA to Dre, I was this close
To staying Aftermath, but lamped out like a Genie
But Dre you a f**king gangster and Kirdis you're such a sweetie
And guess what, I'm a free agent again if y'all ever need me
But back to these bars, I'm hungry, this beat is gon' feed the needy
Y'all looking like grannys ziti, zucchini out in Tahiti
On Fiji with Erykah Badu's booty in a bikini
Your main chick is a Precious, my side chick is a RiRi
I f**k her then take her out for fries and a panini
I ain't a rap n***a, I'm a n***a that rap
Before this -- y'all saw the cypher, I ain't bringing that back
Why should I recycle bars when my mind is a flight to Mars?
And the force that I come across was like rhyming inside a star
With the Universe on my back, your human verses is wack
I grab my extraterrestrial testicles when I rap
And tell Earth suck it, tell the planet try it
I turn this b*t*h into Independence Day without the lucky drunk pilot
I love compet**ion, constructing a composition
Of destruction, putting Destructicons in the calm position
I'm Optimus Prime trucking your boulevard, just wishin'
That a star screams so I can go on a bombing mission
You raised the bar high, I set the bar higher
You gon' learn though, inferno scorch a bonfire