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Selected song name: Panic Attack [2001]
Singer Name: Esham
Lyrics written by: Esham

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Look in my mind.
Devil's Wicked.
Look in my mind.
Keep looking
Look in my mind.
You just might get hurt

First of all I stab people, like even myself
I wouldn't advise it though doc it f**ks up my health
I hang out with bad people we cause mischief and mayhem
People like Shaggy and that E-S-H-A-M
I panic over everything man, my faucets they drip
I headb***ed my mom over that sh*t and swelled up her lip
She hit me with a big wooden spoon
I ran into the bathroom
I took off my panties and sat there and cried and took a dune
Plus I hide in bushes, and I play with my d**k
Wait! Did I say I had panties on?
Scratch that sh*t!
Anyway, them bushes Im j*rking my d**k off
Yet possums are looking I get off
Tell me how to stop my panic attack!!

Look in my mind.
Look in my mind.
Look in my mind.
Look in my mind
Look in my mind.
You just might get hurt

They tell me I got a screw loose so I loosened it some more
I popped off all my pills they told I should pop some more

I painted up my face, I always do I'm a Clown
But I paint it with dog sh*t when nobody else is around
Wait, no I don't

Got a bad habit, so big it's just like that
F**k a motherf**king monkey
I got a Gorilla on my back

I know this ain't funny, but Shaggy laughs at me
Everytime I laugh with him, Esham he slaps me

Paranoia, Skitzophrenia
All too familiar
But b*t*h don't get to close I might kill ya!

I smoke PCP, ICP, this and that
I never smoked a rock, but I tried smoking but crack

Sit back and let me tell you why I panic
Motherf**kers think I'm Satanic
From all that I just got manic on the whole f**king planet
One two b*t*h, let me get this mic
Hold up ho
Let me run my flow
Like ya didn't know
I'm from the Mo
Sounds underground
So I can mac a b*t*h
And pimp the little ho until the c**t makes me rich
Ditch the b*t*h if she broke
Cuz I ain't no f**king joke
I'm speeding down the highway tokin my smoke smoke smoke
Switching lanes left and right
Cuz I'm high as a kite
Swerving on the freeway through the yellow and white
Got and appet**e for some pu**y but I won't eat it up
Instead I'll be like Tyson in that b*t*h beating it up

Don't panic
You just might get hurt