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Selected song name: Park Avenue
Singer Name: Estelle
Lyrics written by: Estelle

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Uh, ride with me

Wake up and open up the blinds
I told y'all it would all happen in time
Last year I couldn't find a ride
Now we car shopping where they serve champagne, and wine
Make it red please
Its been a lot of blood shed see
Remember I use to be a cutter
Silly motherf**ker now I use Rolexes to cover
Its been too many tears so let it pour
Spilling champagne on marble floors
It takes me back to Daddy watching Scarface
Saying "Hey young world, the world is yours"
Now I feel like I'm in over drive
And its the same world I'm coming for
I seen a drug dealer pushing what a lawyer drives
To the same building but the deal got the upper floor

Take look at where we are
Who'd have thought we'd come this far
The shooting stars, the fancy cars
I made it, Darling I made it
Bright lights so far from home
Where they say you'll lose what matters the most
I know Im telling my chauffeur roll down my window, So they can hear me
Bumping my Park Avenue
Bumping my Park Avenue music
Bumping my Park Avenue music
Turn up my music

Visions of Mama cleaning up the dirty dishes
As I'm rolling in this Beamer now the plates are cleaner
They smell success in think its all sweet
Forgetting all the suicides on Wall Street
My OG told me to do this music
Now that fed time won't let him stick around to see me do it
So Im looking to the future cause I know my time is coming
And he's looking up to God cause he knows his time is running out
Someone tell me, whats the fuss about?
Trying survive, what for? When in the end we ain't gone make it out
Trying to decide if It was all worth it
Im riding in this Maybach with the closed curtains
I struck gold, while they were soul searching
Im wondering if you can hear me any person?
I went to sleep in a dark place
Now I just woke up in Park Place