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Selected song name: Pass It Off (Underground Acapella)
Singer Name: Big Daddy Kane
Lyrics written by: Big Daddy Kane

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Intro: Shyheim
Yo, y'all crazy, son
Big up June Lova, word up
How you feel Killa Kane?
Comin at'ca like this, word up
Yo, this goes out to my man X
2 Cent and Tone, rest in peace, baby
Representin Staten Island to it's fullest
Keith Murray in the house
Big up Big Daddy Kane
Droppin down on this track

You better look out kid cuz I'm the Wu-Tang's smallest artist
When I come thru n***as be jettin like I'm narcotics
I'm the shorty that'll bust but yet I hit the hardest
When I rose up on ya squad just show me where ya heart is
Just start and snitch like a b*t*h, cold drop a dime
I cut that a** short like a tree of alpine
But I'm not lumberjack, black and a matter of fact
I flip that a** like two kilo's of crack packs
I let off quick like a four-fifth automatic
Who got Static like Spike Lee? I gotta have it
And give it to ya a** raw like a proud faggot
I keep 'em movin like I did on my first LP
I stay true to The Grain of G.P
Word to my motha I could never be a sucka
I Die Hard too, yipee-cahier mothaf**ka

Now it's the Down Low comin thru with the roughness
Technique, n***as packin needles can't bust this
Teflon style that I master, my art
Hit the chart, wait, combine with the track from the heart
I take shape and break, the best when they fake
Maneuvers, are natural born when into these losers
Ego bruiser, fly b*t*h chooser
Marijuana user, Valentine Hell enducer
Be too slick and sly for the guy with the best try
N***a fake a move, ya gotta die
I got the loaded clip and I'm about to show ya how
We murder n***as slang with the slang from the Shaolin Isle


Pa** it off I wanna flip!
They got me vexed son
Pa** it off!
I got 'em runnin for protection
Pa** it off I wanna flip!
Eh yo, it's burnin hot
Pa** it off!
About to wet up the whole block

There's a new sheriff in town to get down
A hip-hop father figure in rap nah f**k around
Executin homocidal lyrics from the throat
My mob's on it for me, then Murder She Wrote
Because I leave a rapper ruined for what ya think ya doin
I'm the raw one they try to be pursuin
Once I step up on the mic your squad's out of site
Couldn't come hard if you was Jerry at a fight
I don't feel fear but I bring a real scare
When I'm on a rapper's like a cripple in a wheelchair
Terrorize ya whole crew when I come thru
But now I'm sayin "See? I shouldn't've listened to y'all"

It's time to bust a cherry, or should I say a nut?
You can run if you want to, I'll still catch you in your b***
I'm aim is on point like a racist cop
And I get down and dirty like a project mop
If you're in between a crack I'll find just where you're at
Expose you, beat ya a** like no one knows you
I have no sympathy for no mouse emcee
Once I snap you in my trap there ain't no turnin back
I got you where I want you, that's under my wing
You ain't sh*t, your wisdom treats me like a king
So please mothaf**ka with that premium choice sh*t
By the looks of things, I think that it's best ya forfeit
A true experience should be taken for a scroll
I'm big time baby, ya gonna need a centerfold

Murder, all I see is gats in my mind
C*ck back ready for combat, pa** the nine
I'm a mind blower, constructin boats like Noah
So I could never drown in this rap thing
I keeps it real, like Shaquille O'Neal on the court
Better recognize or get played like a sport
My flow's comin down, somethin terrible
Down pat when I be on the train ridin R tracks
Lyrics is phat, contact, the lyrical smoke got me open
Infact, I think I'm ready to rock steady
I leave ya white like Betty
Froze you and plus you're not quick like Ever-ready
Oh sh*t that clown just took the bait
And lost more blood then Nobra lost weight
Prepare for gladiation, I'ma send the nation
It doesn't matter if you're Japanese or Jamaican

Yea, yea, yea, that was superior
Yea, yea, let's get up outta here
Word life, peace