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Selected song name: Picture Perfect (Acoustic)
Singer Name: Escape The Fate
Lyrics written by: Escape The Fate

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You lived your life like you were on fire
But how can I dance when your soul just lifted me higher and higher and higher?

Paint bleeds, ink runs, image of your love
Your memory, our history

I'd give up my eyes to see you one last time
And I'd give all my fingertips to touch you
And I could paint you picture perfect even if I were blinded
But you had to die for me to see how to live

I lived my life hiding in shadows but now I can see
Causе your soul is lifting me higher and higher and highеr

Paint bleeds, I can't breathe, need you here with me
Close my eyes I can feel you close

Angels fall
It's not your fault
Time goes on without you
Goodbye old friend
We'll meet again
Life goes on without you