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Selected song name: PIMPIN++
Singer Name: Ethereal
Lyrics written by: Ethereal

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Ay, ay, 3T
Taliban baby, Pico, Taliban, ay
Know who you rocking with
Know who you rocking with it's Pico she already know

N***a get up out my way man get up out my face
I'm tryna come up on this cash, lil' n***a need that cake
These two cups got a n***a moving in slow motion, yeah
I'm pulling shawty in that life now she go everywhere
Word about me know the swag gon' take me everywhere
It's very clear, man I swear them diamonds very clear
She pop that pu**y, ain't no rookie she gon' take it there
She from the boot like me, she booming for that paper man
She say she f**king with my aura, I guess that's important
My clothing imported, cash for pushin' in that foreign
Sip that drank when I'm bored, just two pluses no more
Love that girl, she in charge, she love Pico of course
She need that full course, ooh, my swag is so gross, ew
I'm ballin' on all you, them Bapestas is my shoes
I do this she's so true, she level to my crew
I'm tryna get that coupe and push it just for you
I'm styling on all you, I'm cashing just bought two
New pairs of Raf Simmons shoes, with money I'm so abuse
Chronic gon' make me loose, them Xanny bullets for snoozing
You 'bout that drama then prove it, you packing you better use it
All of my n***as ruthless, man all of n***as coolish
This gold give her illusions, I'm trappin she tryna screw me
Playin' baby pursue me, they checkin' me just do it
I'm sensei he just my student, she nasty and tryna prove it
Know just what she doin, masterminds and get through it
Step out the door and keep movin', they asking me how to do it
Pimpin' got you influenced, Dior, homie I do this
Stay away from me when I'm cruising