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Selected song name: Playas on the Rise
Singer Name: Cali Life Style
Lyrics written by: Cali Life Style

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Tuesday, 9:21 p.m

Hey, what's up you guys are probably in the studio
But I'm just calling to let you know
Me and my girls are having a little something tonight
So, if you want to drop by it's all good
Cool, see you tonight

Now, imma keep it thumpin'
Y'all keep it bumpin'
Put it both together and we got a little somethin'
So tell a little square a** DJ this
Foo, you never play tracks that hit
And don't you dare stop 'till come
'Cause me and my homies kinda buzz till numb
Feelin' real nice, so don't mess it up
You playin' we'll stuff you in the trunk
Cause I hate that sh*t man, I really do
It's barely 12:02 and you stowin' down the mood
Keep it bangin'
What's up with that old school
Got a chest full of brew and I'm on the crews