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Selected song name: Press Start (Teaser)
Singer Name: Getter
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Terror - Terror Reid

Coming at you with the beats from down under
It's Mr. Thunder
Wippin' and dippin' the gun to throw
Your brain to the frozen tundra
I kick these cleats
At their marked up sh*t
Just to make up for the men
They call it Terror Reid
And all I got time for, nowadays is hate
So don't be shy, let that sh*t
Blast son, on repeat you freak
You best believe
This a creep in the sheets
Bite your neck 'til
I see it red and dangerously
Used to rock a beanie
Pulled down to the brow
Now I walk as I go click clack plow
I mean wow
Never judge a man in his mask
Scary a**, gonna get your a**
Prematurely thrown in a casket
But really really
Do this sh*t in his lyrics
Shut the f**k up b*t*h mate
I calls it like I sees it
I mean it
Catch me on and off, and now you're bleeding
No breathing
Staring at your eyes until you're freezing
I can tease it
Cut off your legs
Until your done leaking
Chop off whats left
And send your momma to pieces, b*t*h!

But do you really know a better way?
Beats so fat they make your hard-drive crash
Like mercury in retrograde
Another escapade
Crossed off my list from yesterday
So today
Cops sent me in as a decoy
My feet move fast so I kick 'em like I'm Leroy
My ego got inflated in fact
I must have miscalculated my initial impact
I stacked
And truth be told
It's in the wisdom
I tried to tell the kids but the kids didn't listen
Somehow my life hasn't changed in a strange way
'Cuz Trees been rocking the same clothes since 8th grade
And if you ask me I say damn right
Sportin' socks and sandals and I still look damn tight
'Cuz the big wig boss
Don't conform to the norm of the sheep in the flock