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Pride and Prejudice-Characters

Elizabeth Bennet -The novel’s protagonist and the second eldest Bennet daughter. Thoughtful and independent.

Fitzwilliam Darcy -A wealthy, proud man with a cold demeanor. Frustrates the Bennet family, and is attracted to Elizabeth.

Colonel Fitzwilliam-Darcy's well-mannered and pleasant cousin, is also interested in Elizabeth, and needs to marry someone with money.

Jane Bennet -A gentle and kind-hearted young woman, who is elizabeth's confidant and the oldest, most beautiful of the Bennet daughters. Falls in love with Charles Bingley.

Charles Bingley -A good-natured and wealthy man who falls in love with Jane. Easily influenced by others, especially by his close friend Darcy.

Mr. Bennet - The ironic and often apathetic Bennet father. Unhappily married, he has failed to provide a secure financial future for his wife and daughters.

Mrs. Bennet -The foolish mother of the Bennet family, obsessed with finding husbands for her daughters.

George Wickham -A handsome, charming fortune hunter who Elizabeth find attractive. Part of the militia stationed in Meryton.

Lydia Bennet - The immature and irresponsible youngest daughter of the Bennet family. Is Mrs. Bennet's favorite, her reckless behavior nearly results in the ruin of the family.

Mr. Collins - Mr. Bennet's cousin, who will inherit Longbourn after Mr. Bennet's death. Seeks a bride, and works as a church minister. Not very sharp.

Miss Caroline Bingley -Bingley's shallow and arrogant sister who befriends Jane. Seeks the affections of Mr. Darcy.

Mr. And Mrs. Hurst-Bingley's brother-in-law and his other snobbish sister. Mrs. Hurst spends time gossiping with Caroline, and Mr. Hurst either plays cards or sleeps.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Darcy's arrogant aunt, who dominated Mr. Collins and entertains hopes that her daughter will marry Darcy.

Miss Anne de Bourgh: Lady Catherine's sickly, bland daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner - Mrs. Bennet’s brother and his wife. Are intelligent, cultivating, and hold common sense.

Charlotte Lucas - Elizabeth's sensible and intelligent friend. Lives nearby with her family at Lucas Lodge. Still unmarried at twenty-six and is seen as a burden on her family because of it.

Sir William and Lady Lucas: Charlotte's parents and the neighbors of the Bennets.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillips: A country attorney and his vulgar wife, who is Mrs. Bennet's sister-in-law.

Georgiana Darcy - Darcy’s sister, shy but warmed-hearted and pretty.

Mary Bennet - The pretenscious, third Bennet daughter, bookish.

Catherine Bennet - The fourth Bennet daughter, and is also known as 'Kitty'. Like Lydia, she flirts with the soldier stationed in Meryton.