Pro Fake Kicker Lyrics

BrentRambo Lyrics

Straight like that

Plus no uzi, plus no uzi
I'm not Uzi I got plusses no Ksubi
N***as don't know got clips like movie
B*t*h talking sh*t I'ma touch your boobie
Aye, b*t*h sue me
N***as say they slime but I'm gooey
N***as say they slime but I'm bluey
If you ain't Chief Keef you can't fool me
Water no tap
Me and Stacy in Jersey rolling off a flat
I'ma hit em with the bat
Big thirty, and that sh*t fat
Run up in your house for a Plugg beat
Run up on your moms for a repost
Yung Dryer Sheet I'ma do the most
Fake kicking sh*t let's have a toast
I'm a pro fake kicker
Fake kicking with your b*t*h I'm that n***a

Brent hate to fake kick
What is those? Some fake kicks
Lane switch, with a bad b*t*h, with some fake t**s
Fake kick, with a rapper, just to take his damn clout
N***a run his damn mouth, hit him in his damn snout
Most these n***as talking bout, aye, I don't know, aye if-
Most these n***as talking bout, aye, I don't know, aye if-
Most these n***as talking bout, aye, I don't know
Aye if they ain't talking money then they English sounding broke
These n***as some funny jokes, n***as get no RTs
Walk up in the party, your b*t*h looking farty

Straight like that

All these n***as fake kicking f**king clout
Got this f**king work like I'm working out
b*t*h you in a drought
I'ma get it going, aye, without a doubt
Aye that n***a talking sh*t stomp him in his mouth
Aye lil n***a in my DMs
Wanna fake kick it tryna be friends
Aye I'm in a Maserati f**king on some twins

Fake kicking sh*t, we can't do no friends
It was me and Icy f**king on some twins
I'm a GLONE thug, I can't wear no FRIENDS-
I was fake kicking for some dividends
Say she love me now cause I be kicking sh*t
Aye this money on me now but I'ma spend it quick
I won't love a thot cause I can't trust a b*t*h
You fake kicking sh*t my gang is too legit

we all love music