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Selected song name: Profitcy Freestyle
Singer Name: Eshon Burgundy
Lyrics written by: Eshon Burgundy

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Back like a never left
Replying back like I still got
Something on my chest
Score points like I know the ref
Feeling blessed when I’m pressed
And I pa** another test
Cause y’all know the flesh
In a vest with the letter "S"
'Cause I’m sealed
Let the Spirit be revealed
When I’m under stress
Play my cards right
'Bout to cut another deck
With my enemies I feel the
Energy before the flex
I'm in my priestly state
Like Melchizedek
Whenever I give praise
That’s when they get upset
As many times I been played
Ain't ever get ’em back
Y’all say I should get revenge
Was never into that
I know I resemble criminal conduct
But I ain’t bring no 40 for the drama
And I ain’t interested in the lineups, nah
No headshots, I'd rather kill ’em with kindness
Born-again disciple and I’m conscious
Its gon' catch a lot of y’all
Off guard when the plot twist
You putting it on God don’t make it facts
In fact, Matthew 5:37 say the opposite
Living in this world where so many talk
The devil gon' provide us all
With many thoughts
Messiah drew a line
The devil couldn’t cross
That’s why I write His living Word
Across my heart
If that don’t resonate
Then you already lost
But if that’s a pressing weight
Then you can get it off
Repent and believe under water
Watch Him pull you up
Only thing gon' fall is the Spirit
Like at Pentecost
And don’t become bamboozled
By the world we live in
Everybody with some money
Could still be in prison
Being poor is a blessing
If you seeking wisdom
Much is required from whom
To much is given and
Who said He gave ’em
Five hundred thousand dollars
What if He gave ’em
Five hundred thousand problems
And all of these problems
They cannot solve without Him
He like, child, you need my faith if you gon'
Move this mountain
Seek Him first and then identify ya pivot
Through every obstacle in life
Go and find a scripture
Be humble, hard working
Be grateful, committed
Learn them
'Cause they become a weapon
When you finally get it
And if you never
Maintain the promise of the Kingdom
Cause a hundred million dollars
Ain’t gon' buy you freedom
Everybody show you love
Until you finally see them
'Cause they gon' bite ya hand
When you refuse to feed ’em
The love of money
Turn a friend into a foe
Turn a person to a lik
Make warm blood turn to cold
Bring the work to the strip
Or the twerk to the pole
The desire to be rich
Begins the selling of the soul
Never palmed it
Gotta put my hand upon it for I go
To be honest I feel it would
Finally put me in control
My life been so hard
I cannot take the darkness anymore
I’ll die if I cannot live the lifestyle
I see when I scroll
The industry
Monopolized our art
Taught us PROFIT over propheCY
To comprise our hearts
And we fell for it
Landed in jail for it
Some go to hell for it
Father post bail for us
If you in a cell for it
Why won’t you pray with us
Heard a voice echo
No, no one is saving us
The hope is gone
I embrace each of my children
With open arms
Even in their youth their spirits are strong
Sometimes we talk for hours about the living God
They don’t ever wanna stop and turn the TV on
It’s beautiful, I see that my prayers are working
As usual rebuking the way of the serpent
A funeral takes place every morning I wake
The crucible will never determine my fate
Still water running deep I’m drinking from the lake
The Lord invite me out to eat
I eat and take a plate
Meditate on ya Holy Word to grow my faith
Like section 8
I found my place
Under mercy
And grace