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Selected song name: Project Distortion
Singer Name: GHOST (Vocaloid)
Lyrics written by: GHOST (Vocaloid)

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Just as imagined
Waking up under very bright lights
My system full of dread and the doors slamming open

Hold still, breathe in
Anesthetics work like magic, cutting off any feelings one has
Three patches that count to the beat of the human heart
Count down from ten

Mark an X on the patient's face
Sterile instruments make their debut on a stage of flesh
And the human heart beats faster

Why am I sewn to breathing tubes
Colored rusted with iodine and blood as she opens up
And I hear my heart beat faster

Laryngectomy to silence the nausea
Biting the tongue after dental extraction
Put into place, tied down and arranged
And is never the same again

Wide, open eyes and a hazy view
My, oh my, this is distortion!
Every little part of anatomy
Caving in, making anew
Hour after hour, until the end
Drawing the line with a scalpel
All for the taste of humanity
Lose it all through an IV line
Torn by the tendons
Amputate till there's nothing left
As nothing's there to feel and the loss of prosthetics

Orbitalclasts over every eye
Disconnect the prefrontal cortex
And you cease your thoughts, there's no need to fear anymore

Arms and legs unwind and twist
Veins and nerves in the digits we saved
Turning numb and cold, feeling not a thing
Keep cutting

Exenteration and maxillectomy
Leaving the facial construction inverted
Arms turned to pincers and limbs gone amiss
And they're never the same again

Secluded in oxygen
The pulsing of blood as she opens up
Now my heart beats faster

Eyes removed and a hazy feel
My, oh my, this is distortion!
Nothing feels better than creation
Twisted minds think a lot alike
Now anesthetics are wearing off
Soon all the pain will be born again
All for the loss of humanity
Stretch the skin and st**ch it closed

Finally our work is done
Welcome to Project Distortion
Vandalize psychology
Change the mind of humankind

In the light of the hospital
And the smell of entrails
This is the creature lurking here
We've created a masterpiece

Ignore ethical morality
Nothing matters anyways
This is the joy of monstrosity
And the horror of apathy

Unhinged looks and this body of mine
My, oh my, this is distortion!
Tears can't flow from these empty eyes
This is forever until the end