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Selected song name: Prom Girl (It Girl Parody)
Singer Name: Jason Derulo
Lyrics written by: Jason Derulo

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I've been through the castle walls the royal halls
Tryna find a princess
Might have been your beauty, girl, can't choose the words
But you caught my interest
Tell them other girls, they're gonna have to wait till the next dance
Cause right now I'm hypnotized in a trance
More than a win in the rivalry game
That's how much it'd mean to me

So will you go to prom girl?
Kenzie you're the bomb, girl
Smile so bright that it blinds me

You've got it going on, girl
Heart's a locker here's the comb, girl
If you go ten, I'll go ninety

I just wanna rock all night long
And put you in thе middle of my spotlight
Honestly the bеst, girl
All I want's a yes, girl

Let me play it loud
Let me play it loud like... oh oh oh oh
Let me play it loud
Let me play it loud like... oh oh oh oh
Let me play it loud
All the other guys are mad, they cry, they laugh. -All full of envy
You know Jacob Black, it's true. And Edward too - they're both team Kenzie
Girls start taking notes, cause Kenzie Anderson is the perfect
Example of what an it girl is
I'm dying, girl, grant me one last wish
Will you go to prom. with. me

So cool you're freezing, freezing, burning, burning, both at the same time
Scale says eleven, even, ha who needs a dime
You've got the finest, kindness if ya catch my drift, girl
You threw a hook I bit, girl
Playing tag you're my EFY girl
Will ya go to prom with me