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Selected song name: Protect Your Neck (Remix)
Singer Name: Big Lenbo
Lyrics written by: Big Lenbo

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Brought the remix

Brought the remix
Still screamin' who next
Who flex- fat nasty motha-f**ka
Snapping like a 2-step
Ruthless, with the words
No lines blurred
See em coming 20/20
Pack a 40 for the cure
RattPack progenitor
Swinging swords
At compet**or- predator
Keep 'em on they toes like pedicure
F**k the overlords
It's the rebel ripping
Never slippin'
Now I'm on people love to hate
Embracing contradiction
Whole team
Move past your gleam
Your third eye blurred
My hand's unseen
Digging in the dirt
Putting in the work
No days off boy you look soft
Bivins with the four ball
Boy you look off
Been a refer addict
Ad lib a smoker's cough

It's the Asiatic causing mad havoc
Shook ones can't stand it
F**k around I make your storyline tragic

Brought the Remix!
F**k around I make your storyline tragic
Screamin' who's next
Brought the Remix
F**k around and I make your storyline tragic
No days off

Me and Big Lenbo
Breaking down the fundamentals
Nothin' coincidental
This world is a civil
Keep your head on swivel and your eyes open
I ain't smokin' boy I'm mind copin'
Giving you nothin' but divine motive
Well its mirage-in in the minds of our fear
Got my third eye wide
Now division is clear
Tears shed for my peers dead
Pour beers for the years spent
When I'm gone I wonder what a real went
So enjoy it while it last
Revin' on the gas
Livin fast
Remember ten stories
Find a different past
We in a paradox
That show if you aware or not
Look around boy is you here or not
Why we want that pendiment
That road that's why
They keep us dreamin' while we on the fly
It got us caught
I rap my way up out of that nightmare
To some brighter days
But can't even shine around my way
Without catchin' shade
But that's okay

Brought the Remix!
Screamin' who's next!
Brought the Remix!

Keep it runnin'
'Fore the ego's collide
Got the flags flyin' high
And the eagle inside
I'm with the whole 'nother cla**
You hara**in' your people
I'm on my way to the Regal
You sad for leavin' you see through
I'm lethal
Young gunner, young runner
For the track
One hunnid'
I run it up
This for Lenny
From the Pack
Loud bro but the crowd showin' my sound
You clown's jumpin' around
I found somethin' hereditary
You don't want to flip the challenge
To the Legendary
You don't wanna call me out
That's that cemetery
I be runnin' scenarios
In my head
Like Mario
Man I cap M's all on yo head
It's the Brooklyn-born zookeeper
I'm the new leader
Flex, save up the bombs
This sh*t's a new bleeder
I'm Gil Peter
The ease in the zone
Zookeeper cause all my rhymes are beats on their own
I'm seekin' the throne
I'm leakin' my poems
A weave in the stone
Is your pen eight like this
You should leave it alone
Got four or five left, but the rest is set
Y'all ain't ready for this drop
So protect your neck!

Brought the Remix!
Screamin' who's next!
Brought the Remix!

I'm like a Ginsu knife when the pencil writes
But hold on, it's been so long that i've been so nice
And these days I'm wakin' up with a temper to fight
And crack heads like Kimbo Slice when the tempo is right
On any instrumental I strike with a twice
Your penalty's death
My enemies be givin' me life
You finna' be next
You finicky, you run out of breath
I'm finna' be Mike
one right, I'm spinnin' your neck
I sin as the night
A villan with a pillager's plight
Get on the mic and I kill it if the feelin' is right
So give me respect
It'd too long that I've been polite
You got a gripe then call Lenbo
My kinfolk's nice

Brought the Remix!
Screamin' who's next!
Brought the Remix!

Livin' to whack a pack
And my motor been stayin' blessed up
in the pressure but never deal with the
Got my eight ball leather rep the culture forever
F**k the cross compet**ors medals up on his dresser
Git my mind right
Enemy pillars up in my hindsight
tight, see all these p-offs so f**k your
I'm like better and nevertheless I better win
my influence half of the track they get it in
With real sworn
In em' and willin' to kill again
This rap up in my filaments bumpin' to your
It's Juice and B-I-G L-E-N-B-O cop
no we an dpull in on these millennials
No fakin' lather in bacon the way I'm takin'
and my cranium keep me wakin'
Though my trigger finger rakin' this is dead-ily
Remember through this music
Immortalize through the centuries

Brought the Remix!
Brought the Remix!
Still screamin' who's next!
Brought the Remix!
Brought the Remix!

{Outro: Big Lenbo]
No days!
No days off!
No days off!