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Selected song name: Put Em In Their Place Freestyle
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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Check this sh*t out
I'm just gonna go 'head and say y'all can't do nothin' wit me
I was bein' all polite, but then somethin' hit me
Nice guys don't get far in this biz
So I walk around New York like the star that I is
Grown a** man, I can't spar with you kids
Oh no, I'm not battlin', but if it gotta happen then
Let 'em pull a track and then
After your little babbling, I'll turn you to a toy after Christmas
You won't wrap/rap again
I move the ground when I fiddle with this pad and pen
You feel my soul I flow from my lower abdomen
Promoter stole me in shows cause they know I pack 'em in
That's why I'm bonin' the hoes you only imaginin'
But it's hard being the best cause you blink
And these n***as feelin' they selves being fresh with the ink
So I'm tellin' you right now, careful with your words
This my hustle right here, I swear I'll air you like a bird
Y'all know me
J.O.E. double letter before Cool J when the track gets souffled
I'm probably behind it like the fatty's I poke
Moms complained about the noise now she's happy I wrote
She get to watch her only son shake the globe with his pen
And prove the nonbelievers wrong over and over again
I'm fire
Like smokin' the rawest 'dro in the blend
Y'all weak
When y'all speak it's like a O with a stem
Until summer last year I never drove in a Benz
It's cool
I think I'm gonna cop one and throw on some rims
Not braggin'
Just happy to have some doe I can spend
It feel good when I'm tryin' to find a hoe I can bend
Back to y'all dudes
Word to mother it's sad
I can't believe what y'all cook when up in the lab
But see the Lord sent me down from up above with a pad
Now I'm IT like the slowest mothaf**ka in tag
And when I say, "Him"
I mean, "not them"
I'm cool where I'm at, don't wanna be top 10
You the man in the cipher til Ortiz hops in
Cause everything I kick is sick like my feet got phlegm
And I hate to be rude but...y'all garbage
Y'all n***as the truth man?...I'm God honest
Y'all dudes is frauds, straight con artists
I'm finna have this sh*t Locked like I'm Akon's artists
I'mma make more money then make more money and
Just cause y'all mad I'mma make more...money
My pockets like the Playboy Bunny rabbit ears
Til rap appeared now my face all lovely
Sharply shaped up, my fitted is crisp
And I usually don't do this, but I'mma glitter the wrist
Cause I deserve the shine, y'all know I'm fire
Yo Royce, air these dudes like an old bike tire