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Selected song name: Rap Millionaire
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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If I dropped a few bars out of thin air
Would you care?
Would the air feel like it's thinning?
Anticipating what you gon' hear?
Would it break the internet and get a million shares?
Same way it do for these popular rap millionaires?

Probably not
Lucky I don't do this so that I be hot
I do this for those who pick Foreman and know how Ali box
But never say that sh*t to my grill, throwing body shots
And none of you pussies can kill me,
Trust me I bump into these rappers y'all think is barred up
They see me and get hit by Polaris, yeah they be star-struck
Say that me and them should collaborate on a raw cut
And then, all of them become Oregon men, they all duck
I'm used to the stories, I get it;
''Joell, I'm busy, my new record is spinning
So much that it got me dizzy and I'm
'Bout to hit the road for a minute I'm on my grizzly
And I'm barely in your city''
Translation; you a grizzly
I can't bear hearing you tear me into little pieces
On my beats so bear with me 'cause I'm scared silly
And my manager handles my brand care-freely
like my beard Philly

Honestly I'm not sure if I even made it yet
I don't got the Spotify or Google Play connect
The cool label rep that lifts a phone and then creates a check
I just make sure the bars stay correct enough to break ya neck
Lot of major artists want to trade fame for respect
You'd be surprised with the names in my texts
If you gave to your left
I'd want to text a n***a back like
''F**k a rap list, you f**king on an actress
'Til that cash hit and pay my taxes, shiiit''
I used to trap singles
I had the metro booming before the future of rap was trap singles
And to homeboy talking you on my radar
You hang with A&Rs, my dudes hang clips from ARs
The rap I'm a fan of took a backseat
For a few years now it's been all forefronting
Gloryfing abusing controlled substances
I'm trying to help good substance control the forefront
Rapping was tough, what happened to us?
My playback b***on was busted on the back of the bus
The black Maxwell full of rap I'd fast-forward so much
And flip it over, rewind was a extra couple of bucks
I know I'm, showing my age in a game that throw away legends
But ask me if I'm scared, you hear what I hear
How could fear interfere with this fearsome talent?
I'll sit you down like a chair on Wayfair, I'm way too unfair
Every word you heard 'em speak I heard
I'm like ''Word? He a nerd, this verse deep? Absurd.''
Got some nerve, sound like he rehearsed me
I be the first to call him weak
Before the world d**krides his first week
I wish everybody kept it a hundred
I wish every DJ played what he wanted
I'd be a superstar in a PJ, not dude from the PJs
One signed to a superstar
But it's cool 'cause I got nothing to prove to y'all
I ride for myself like a Uber car, f**k who you are
Made my way in the game with the flames cooking
I'm saying me and my gang made a name but I claim Brooklyn
Solo or group, alone or a crew
Same port of rock in the picture, pick a photo to shoot
I know every cameraman, tell him to point, let's go
Boy, I was on that Freshman cover ten joints ago
I ride the ferry every morning from Jersey into Manhattan
And sit with the 9 to 5ers, don't none of them know I'm rapping
Except for the real ones who got a true love for HipHop
You know the ones that don't do Love & HipHop