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Rapzilla.com 16 Bar Challenge: ThaKiddJopp & Royal Ezenwa song lyrics are written by Eshon Burgundy

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Selected song name: Rapzilla.com 16 Bar Challenge: ThaKiddJopp & Royal Ezenwa
Singer Name: Eshon Burgundy
Lyrics written by: Eshon Burgundy

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Show of hands, how many of you out there think I'm only here today
Cause of my letter to Lecrae
Well if so I've just got one thing to say
That's cray cray
The only reason I came to Chicago in the first place
Was for that two thousand dollar pay day
I'm being silly
Like really
I'm here because of Lecrae
I don't care if I lose or not
I'll still be a rebel even after the music stops
Because if I came here to win
I'll be a sad clown tryna chase that crown
I'm here to put the Lord in the front
So I can play the background
I'm here to rap accurately about things I actually mean
Like how sins weight made me hang low
I was a slave in those chains and now I'm actually free
Like the actor we see
Playing Django
I couldn't care less if the crowds clapping for me
The Lord's love cuts so deep
It was stabbed to a tree
See many of us like grabbing our trees and
Lighting them, bad with a reason
Like they have them in seasons
But the pattern Adam was leaving
Get it
Left us in the pattern of treason
You see me miss the mark with archery
Tryna squeeze by like yo pardon me
He cleaned up every part of me
Flesh, bones, arteries
The heart in me
He actually parted me
Now I'm on palm of the
Son of God
A gold hair
To go heir
And meet Him in the sky like solar flare

Alright Royal Ezenwa

First of all I want to say I'm extremely nervous
Uh, so you just have to bear with me

Word up
Listen close and let this marinate
We deserve hell man like mayonnaise
Seems the Lord's so full of praise
I was off the hook like telephones
But He changed my walk and talk like Rosetta Stone
You should check this out
Bear with me
When I heard...
Oh my gosh
Bear with me
Bear with me
*crowd encourages Royal*
Raised from the Gospel from a young age
My momma fed me with that word since I was baby she
Would tell me the Father's will and the Father's ways
Was real, bro I was scared I didn't know I was a slave
I was such a good kid, my heart was still deranged
Had knowledge of the Lord but my actions brought me pain
Was blind, vision was hazy, was crazy plus I was lame
I was zooming on that cross like snipers was on my brain
So now I call upon His name, in fate of my heart quickly
And Jesus changed my frame, He tailored my walk swiftly
It gets me
They call us true grizzlies
Get it
True grizzlies
We bear truth, good trees that bear fruit, the world leave you empty
Abandon worldly pleasures, turn our back on God, never
But Jesus is our pleasure, the world's in vain like your blood pressure
I swear that nothing's better and nobody is greater, we lift up His name 'cuz Jesus Christ is the Saviour
We serve Him like a waiter
And to His will we cater
We serve Him now not later
We not lusting after paper
We broke up with that world dawg
We're longer dead
Matter fact we put an x on her face cause we hate her

Royal Ezenwa
Hey, watch your step
Watch your step
Make some noise for all of these guys for getting up here
It's not easy

It's not easy to get up here
But in spite of all

So let's make some noise for these two
no matter how nervous you get your right here
Good job

Swoope: I'll start here for ya
I thoroughly enjoyed you not giving up
Getting back in there when you lost your wit a little bit
And I just love southern accents
The Trip Lee and
I thought he was just lip reading and Trip was in the back
JGivens: And he's light skinned too
*crowd laughs*
Swoope: I would go for ThaKiddJopp on mere confidence
I felt like you were on the soap box a little bit
But just like hey man this is what I wrote
I'm coming here for this battle
You came out swinging so I would lean towards ThaKiddJopp

Right Eshon

First gentleman, crazy with the confidence was just, just spoke real loud
As your professionalism
And so, really dope, even the , you what I'm saying
And so, the second guy
*crowd laughs*
Somebody stole my man's payday
*crowd continues laughing*
This child will hear you all
The second gentleman
Definitely applaud you jumping back into it
I've forgotten many of my lyrics myself
Flow's definitely, flow's definitely stronger when you picked it back up
I think I'll have to go for the first guy just based on showmanship
That's it

Alright that's up
Here you go here's your payday
So how many think
Hey, settle down, ay settle down though, settle down
We gonna figure this out right now
How many of you think Royal Ezenwa
*crowd cheers*
For ThaKiddJopp
*crowd cheers*
And the winner is