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Selected song name: Ready, Set, Not Yet
Singer Name: Eddie Perfect
Lyrics written by: Eddie Perfect

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Look at this crib
In all of its glorious antiquary
Every curve and surface speaks to me
Saying pamper and spoil me
Sand me and oil me
Come on
I know to the untrained eye it's boring
But nothing's a chore when you're restoring
Apart from frustration, pain, and financial drain
It's fun!

Folks say, "Adam...
Why do you polish your crib
When you don't have a kid?
And even if you did have a kid
This crib is too precious for placing a baby inside it
So it simply exists to remind you
Your sense of perfection is just a reflection
That you are not mentally prepared
To make room for a kid, Adam
Why don't you live, Adam?
Just make a start"
Are you willing to take the next step?
Ready, set—
Ready, set—

Look at these jugs!

Amazingly glazed and terracotta-ery
I took some clay and made you pottery
The world will never wreck you
I'll protect you in a mother's embrace

Folks say, "Barbara...
Why can't you see that ceramics
Is simply a manifestation of motherly panic
By making a baby that's breakable
Aren't you creating a way of translating the terror
Of making maternal mistakes into clay
Hiding away
So you don't have to face being a bad mom, Barbara
That's what you've done, Barbara
Just make a start"
Are you willing to take the next step?
Ready, set—

Here we stand
At the end of a 10-year plan
A house
A yard
A minivan
A baby should be next
Together let's leap off the cliff
Fall forever, then smash to bits
Trapped in a terrifying viper pit
Of diapers and regret
Are we willing to take the next step?

Ready, set—

Ready, set—

Not yet

Not yet

Why rush?

Why rush?

Soon enough, our hopes and our dreams will be crushed

But not yet!

But not yet!

Not now

Not now



See? We can't start a family in a house with creaky floorboards!

You are absolutely right
Let's add it to the list
With the cracks in the plaster

The wi-fi should be faster

This sofa needs a castor

The bathroom's a disaster!

What about global poverty?

What about world peace?

Then there's the whole d*** economy

The whole Middle East

We should learn Mandarin

Or Spanish at least

No habla español
Dos cervezas, por favor

And that's all we got
And that's not a lot
Do we want a bilingual household or not?

So let's go slow
No breaking a sweat
What's the point of having children
If we're drowning in debt?

Yeah, we're totally


Maybe eighty percent

I'd say seventy-eight

Ready to take
The next step
The next step
The next step
The next step
Ready, set let's—

See I wasn't kidding
It's a show about death!