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Selected song name: Rich Baby
Singer Name: Eazy Mac
Lyrics written by: Eazy Mac

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Yeah, I'm tryna find Miley Cyrus
Yeah I heard that b*t*h crazy
Wanna have a rich baby
Mercedes, Cadalac it's wavy
Go to the pharmacy and amaze me
Losing a part of me in the benzos
Excuse me, pardon me where'd my friends go
Groupies starting to see potential
New me partying in the end zone
Never knew we celebrate like this
Sipping dirty lemonade like this
Take me to hell if heaven ain't like this
Been on a bender, seven days like this
F**k it, while I'm out in the open
I'm doing acid, crack, smack, coke, smoking the dope and Everybody looking at me like "oh my god is he joking
Okay" No, wait, yes, why?
Entertain me like best buy
Better tase me to get high
Got 11 KG's of fresh white
Okay wait, yes why?
I can't fall asleep
My apologizes, I got more pills
And they gon' knock me out, Muhammad Ali

Next time I do a show I wanna see a ton of fruit cut up on the table
I'm talking apple and oranges and watermelon and banana and mango
I probably won't eat it though, she look at me like she think I'm ungrateful
I hate when she suck on my d**k and my t-shirt get covered up in makeup
I just left my label
I just got back from Barbados
I got these racks in the bank ho
Call up the pluggie I thank him
She tell me I got your back boy
Yeah, he tell me I am a gangster
I don't care pa** me the clip and the strap and load up and I bang up a stranger
Bang, bang, bang, bang
Bullets, they fly pa** your earring
If we cool there nothin' to fear then
If we ain't cool you going to hear that
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
That is the sound when the missile go
Bang is the sound when the missile go
Tag around one of your biggest toe