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Selected song name: Rising
Singer Name: Graveyard
Lyrics written by: Graveyard

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Big bags, runnin' up a check
Ugly a** hoe and she tryna give me neck
Got a new crib, you can catch me on the deck
When it comes to the money, I'll never miss a step
Keep a good grip on the tool
F**k a bad b*t*h, and we f**kin' by the pool
When I'm on the drugs, just gotta keep my cool
You ain't never gon' learn, gon' take your a** too school
Aye, got a drop-top, no lease
Bought the Louis V and it's stuntin' on my feet
If she try to smoke for free, I'm a kick her out, she ain't comin' back to me
Boy, it's gweilo in the cut, I can never love a hoe, I'm just tryna get a nut
Boy, it's gweilo in the cut, got a freaky little hoe and I'm tryna get this bust

Yes, b*t*h!
I ain't f**king with no snitch on this sh*t hit list
You know I don't quit
I be with your momma, she be hoppin' on my d**k
Pretend this sh*t a racecar and today she ridin' stick
I don't know what to give
I don't know what to say
You sound like a b*t*h about every single day
Your best friend on my d**k, this mornin' she was gay
This verse ain't a diss, I just converted her straight
They say he be goin' hard this summer
Damn, he tried to take my place in a Hummer
And he used to be a lot more funner
Then he said our energy was a bummer
Kay, leave

Aye, yeah
Shut the f**k up, b*t*h
You don't know who you're f**king with
Slit your wrists
Suck a d**k
Eat some sh*t
Knock you out with my fist, yeah
Then I'm a go serve you them, girl
Give her some d**k, give her the world
You don't know how to treat her
Look at how badly you beat her
Yeah, stupid b*t*h, you're a god damn disgrace
Yeah, better act up or I'll beat your face
Yeah, b*t*h

Aye, that was fire!