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Selected song name: SamUnwell
Singer Name: GroovyRoom
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Hold up f**k this sh*t
Now that's more like it
Kai x Izmir collaboration
Rest in peace yo
Ay, Lesgiddit

Tryna hop onto the trend
All you want is fame
Tryna start this stupid game
You can't even end
You don't even do sh*t
Always need a helping hand
Who you gonna blame
Your career's looking vain

Why you always wanna talk bout all dem girls
Wake up from your delusion you're not even hers
This the reason why you don't and won't have a first
You're the sole reason for their greatest fears

Smelling your B-O, making me K-O
Smoking your BO-RO, here comes the PO PO

Hol up, it's damn hong kai on the track
Say I lack of fame, did i mishear that?
Couple thousand retweets, just plain fact
Girls be screaming for me, why you mad
Grab a kit-kat, with that outfit mismatch
Envy me, I've that something you never had

Dropping all these shades, but the only thing that ever did was your grades
Started all these mess, but yours ain't even great
The bars that you spit, they are all just click baits
Clean this nonsense up without your maid

Listen up boy, wannabe rapstar
Stop shooting for the stars
Your flow is weak, and so are your bars
Tryna fit in words like nursery rhymes
You just can't rap for sh*t
Your diss ain't lit, ain't a feat, call it quits
Imma leave you in the dust
Time for you to leave, it's dusk

Talk about me being obsessed with a girl
But wasn’t wasabi always your thirst?
Sh*t, wait, didn’t you get curved?
Well, that's what you deserved

Talk about me being lame, I ain’t easy to tame
Well you started this game, now you look like a shame
You ain’t done no race, cause you have no pace
Calling me a nobody but guess who’s on your most viewed vid

You dropped a diss, applaud you for that
But your attire on the track, who wears that?
C'mon Deepu, you just ain’t on my level
Your triangle t**s are just mental
Don’t even bother replying cause you just can’t settle
Now, i’ve been firing shots like an AK-47
Oh I forgot you need to be home by 7