Screw Loose Lyrics

Crybaby the musical Lyrics

Screw loose
That's what they say I've got
Or maybe they say I'm not
Playing with a full deck
But hey!
What the heck! Can I do-oo-oo?
Baby, I've got a screw loose for you

That's what they're calling me
Not metaphorically
They mean truly insane
But they can't hear the voice in my brai-ai-ai-ain
Giving orders to keep loving you

Toys in the bellfree
Bats in the attic
But I just don't see the harm
In carving your name in my a-armm


It's so-o
Hard to be sixteen and schitzo
But I know it's worth the cost
I made up my mind which I have lo-ost
*very breathy oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh*

Screw loosе
Clinically certified
A panel of doctors try
To lock my away
But until that day whеn they finally do-oo-

"I know! Leave me alone! Gosh."

I am here if you need a loo-oose screw

we all love music