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Separate Myself Freestyle song lyrics are written by Edai

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Selected song name: Separate Myself Freestyle
Singer Name: Edai
Lyrics written by: Edai

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King Koopa got a whole lotta shooters
Can't hang if you don't smoke Tooka
Can't f**k with no b*t*h who a booster
Do the team I don't know what you used to
Better tell your boy Krump 'stop the fufu'
Come through red tape momma boohoo
Why you internet woofing if you MUBU?
And if you shoot back where you gone move to?
Fat n***a hell nah I don't do coupes
Lost a couple real n***as to these goof troops
Patron in the cup I don't do Goose
Disrespect L'A have a tooth loose
FN name something i can't shoot through?
Name a city, name a town I can't shoot through?
Won't put a n***a on then he fufu
All these dancing a** rap n***as footloose
Jumped in this rap sh*t on some street sh*t
Lot of them haters said I wouldn't be sh*t
They done sneak-dissed thought I wouldn't peep sh*t
Everybody say Koop on his chief sh*t
Ain't a G-boy, chief, that's some G sh*t
Don't rock AX that's some cheap sh*t
Ride through your block, we don't see sh*t
Baldyworld whole team on that B sh*t
Couple bands just to get me on the remix
1500 if a n***a on some p-sh*t
I was young, old man on that three sh*t
So I had to grow up on some three sh*t
One b***on on the whip, f**k the key sh*t
Dead opp on your block we ain't see sh*t
Don't start none then it won't be sh*t
Cause it's wartime, we ain't for the peace sh*t