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Selected song name: Series 4
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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That rain won't run/ that bullsh*t like 30 cent, well here's a dollar, change gon' come/ You know how I do, breathe the grammar/ squeeze the hammer/ Louisiana, bullets fly by you/ Tech a 10, your death is in you'll die too / split your man, hit your next to Ken like Ryu/the block hot, the heat makerz do it/ You hear this beat? That's how The Heatmakerz do it!/ I could ??? send it out in tin foil/ should be workin in minor key I'll penz oil/ I'm to intricate, pardon my session/ for you wanna be rappers this is just a reference/I bought some guap out/ they ask me how I'm in the E-cla** but the roof dropped out/I ride it wicked, without a beat/we can beef in these streets like I'm writing tickets, I'm one of them!

One of my favorite records is Sam Cooke - "A Change Is Gonna Come". So, I hollered at Wayno and said, "Yo, I think we should f**k with that". Y'all came in. I already had the sample chopped up so I didn't waste any time when y'all got here. We didn't know what we was gonna do with it. So y'all got the footage of it. We put it together, and here we are!

Most n***as want to set the game on fire/ Tip toe black and writing my name with the lighter/ walk amongst giants, David, I'm cool with Goliath/ But I gotta make it out because n***as is really dyin'/I'm about to say f**k rapping and be a mortician/they want you to go to school, get a job to pay back tuition/ I get on that beat and f**k that b*t*h in every position/ get on the hook, and get hook'n, boy don't get it twisted/listen, I'm from Little Jamaica, ain't nobody make it/ run down city, if you got it? they gonna take it/ I'm just glad I made it out that basement/seen a chance I had to take it, Chance told me I'ma a make it/So, I'm straight dumpin' I'm not competing I'm packin' heaters/your wife a skeezer I'll beat her door like Ike and Tina/ They never gave me hand out, I'm not asking either/I don't rap with rappers/ I'd rather give you a cla**ic feature

The Rapfest, you need this for the hip-hop, for a couple of reasons. One, you expose the people that don't really do this. You understand what I'm saying to you? I'm not trying to make it sound like what we did today was something spectacular and something no one could do. Not too many could do it. So when you see somebody do it, now, for the next producer you can't do anything less than that. To me, anybody you put on this camera, if they don't do nothing better than that then they shouldn't be on that camera. And that's my challenge to everybody that does it. We did that, you seen it, we did it in front of your face. It wasn't no pre-made, something we put back together. We put it together in front of your face, every sound. We did the song in front of your face, wrote it, write here. Shot the video, right here. They gotta beat that!

N***a don't play me, nah give me 50 feet/ Matter a fact- 60 feet, 10 more cause your sh*t be week/My jeans fit me neat/ I keep the crispy feet/ my t-shirt can't hide the 45's I lift this week/I'm a New Yorker's Yorker/I make your jaw awful/ shut your mouth or eat everything through a straw ?/one my punches like every single horse in a Porsche/Gallop'n across ya' facial features, skull torture/Boy I ain't make believe, y'all lucky I'm very nice/If not, I'd be running routes with that 80 like I'm Jerry Rice/Pushing that Montana, not that Joe that Tony/ My foes bark like lone sharks, hold that homie/ Everybody say they cut from a different cloth/ but not me cause on the real man, that sh*t too soft/ I'm cut from fine diamonds, upper echelon rhyming/The stars ain't never gotta align, I'm on my timing