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Shake Freestyle song lyrics are written by Joell Ortiz

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Selected song name: Shake Freestyle
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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Y'all know what it is, my flow is the biz
So me and my lawyer often
Hands, after a check get cut
I'm the best you suck
Who wants to
Free of the music everyone's doin'
Just tryin' to make a booty
I'm raw as a brick that's never been hit
You dudes be spittin' like the
When I hear a beat, my head to my feet
Just start to tremblin' and I
The pen until all that ink is gone
I think it's wrong the way I
The sh*t outta rappers, wasn't a bragger
But y'all sweeter than a
With cookies and cake, you rookies is fake
I'm lookin' to take the game and
It upside and grab all of the gwap that drops
I'm hot you not, let's
And really agree you'll never be me
"I love Ortiz", okay let's
The bottle you drink, let everything sink
So we can see what drugs you
Ha ha, that's crazy, I just let me head
In disbelief the sh*t you speak and sick, you weak
You got the
With an S at the end
I'm twisted again now
What your momma gave ya
While I'm behind ya till you
Then I'll take the condom off, my c*ck is soft
Come give it a
Now give it a kiss until it gets stiff
It's round two, the bed will
Like ba bumb ba bumb ba bumb eeh eeh ba bumb
Until it
C'mon, who rhymes this ill?
Give me a
My bad I should've said
But when you nice I guess you
It do what it do, it's beautiful
I feel the building
When I walk in with my goons
And dap the DJ like "What's in'?"
And the baddest broads go extra hard to
That's when I throw ice in the cup and fill the b*t*h up
And give it a
Cause after that I choose the b*t*h that gets to pet the snake