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Selected song name: Shark Food
Singer Name: Esham
Lyrics written by: Esham

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You a snitch, you a b*t*h, I'ma send another hit
Rappers want me out this game 'cause I know they counterfeit
Never was about the cash, got a large amount of it
I'ma bury you with some, put you in the ground with it
Mother f**k all you suckers and whoever down with it
I'm from Detroit city, I can wicked clown with it
By my lonely, I'm big homie, I keep forty shots on me
If the cops is up on me, still poppin' you and your cronies
In the 2020, vision is blurry, but don't you worry
One of us gon' see the cemetery, but I'm in no hurry
Bang to the world ends me and my girlfriend
Arm out the window, but ain't doin' no
Rapper without a cause, I'm breakin' y'alls laws
All becausе I'm nice with Ma and Pa's
Turn me up, turn me up, you can nеver turn me down
Burnin' up, burn you up, you can never burn me down
I'm the lighter, I'm the fire, electrical wire
Don't touch, if I walk by, you just might fry
Cook your a** like a lobster in a pot, boilin' hot
And I don't give a f**k if you like it or not

"You seafood. I see food, I eat it."