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Selected song name: Smile On Me
Singer Name: Eva Cassidy
Lyrics written by: Eva Cassidy

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My flow, is terrific, I feel the menace/
I kill these minutes without prescriptions/
Withdrawal was hell, break free from the shell/
Give positive vibes, honest when problems arrive/
I feel like they hatin sometimes, or its all in my mind/
I probably rejected so long, they vacated the throne/
Learned after they did, but now I anchor them all/
But when enemies call they feel the need to dissolve/
Except for Snype, I keep praying to hear u rhyme/
My n***a..Wizz in there
Lythal Taktix will shine/
DukLow undercover
Cause they peekin sometimes/
We all a bunch of bosses
Because of us yall take no losses/
Was in highschool, Gucci Flossin/ G's 4eva
I wrote this one day, so u could

Smile On Me

I lost the second verse, these stupid phones aren't so smart/
Feelin like Eminen, meltin them with this art/
Kim is my favorite song but I don't mean to be a Stan/
A Caucasian sellin white, n***a I'd use the upperhand/
No lie, I'd sell on camera, at the Grammies spittin to Heltah Skeltah/
Shell shock, with L's stocked
Of green blocks, no exhaust/
Feeling clear, like drinking water
Pimpin hoes and loving daughters/
See the difference, close in inches
Touchdown, before you miss it/
Stop being so nosey, shout out to all my homies/
Nique remember all the girls we wanted to freak??!!/
Jessica the Asian One, not surprised I fell in love/
Maybe it was my weight, my skin, plus sometimes, I'm shy as f**k/
Anyway I hope you smile, I lit a blunt and u frowned/
Trying to explain my style, I feel I've run out of doubt/
See I rap so vague, and there's a big picture in the way/
Poster child, grown still wild
Higher than hilltops, I can't help but to smile/