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So Into You (G-Style) song lyrics are written by G Perico

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Selected song name: So Into You (G-Style)
Singer Name: G Perico
Lyrics written by: G Perico

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Aye, n***as hear beats like this and uh automatically think love songs
But uh, what we fin' to do, I'm 'bout to talk about the sh*t I love, you know what I mean?
This gangsta sh*t, this street sh*t, this thug sh*t, this money sh*t, this gun sh*t
You know what I mean?

Who shot ya? Sh*t, probably one of my partners
Got you sitting in them cold rooms talking to do doctors
Detectives, please don't start tellin' like the rest of these n***as
I got bulletproof foreigns and a Tec for these n***as
Flooded ice, get into the chilly
Tryna turn five hundred into five hundred milli-
I'm so into this life that I'd probably never change
I wanna sh*t on these n***as while I keep getting paid
Tell a b*t*h, "F**k off. You f**ked up," Rubbing success in her face
I'm handling business, I ain't doing much
Let these n***as know I been buying pistols, I ain't running to n***as
Just hear about me drumming these n***as, ah
I'm a gangster, to me it ain't no limit
You ain't got sh*t to die for, you shouldn't be livin'
N***a live just to hit the block
You might see me on foot, you might see flying in a new car
Three O's at the end of two hundred, that's the price tag
I risked it all so let me enjoy my bag
I see the looks on these n***as faces
Don't nobody wanna build, n***as just wanna come and claim sh*t
F**k the lame sh*t, one-ten lane switch
Pour out a little 'nac, his brother brains missing
Oh, you losing? I ain't sorry to hear it
If it ain't one of my n***as, then it ain't none of my business
Keep your hands in your own pocket before I get you
N***as swing this chopper and it's gon' flip you
My Goyard belt, only used to hold the pistol
Back in the day, I was the G homie's missile
Now them n***as laugh at my fashion, jeans got a little skinny
I'm a GQ n***a, Ruth Chris, no Denny's
The streets gon' talk when I bust this Lamborghini
and patron, eating chicken panini
N***a, that's mob sh*t, we drug dealing, pimping, and robbing sh*t
Now the cops starstruck when they spot a Crip
Man of my word but some words ain't worth keeping
Sh*t I learned while I was growing up in these streets
Sex, money, and violence, I'm so into this sh*t
N***a, I love my environment, really living this sh*t
Yellow tape and cracking safes
Spend a million cash for my n***as that done pa**ed away
I'm so into this

I really like my life
In these streets I can't
Really explain it
I'll never be through
I really like my life
In these streets I can't
Really explain it
I'll never be through

G Perico, n***a!
Sh*t Don't Stop, All Blue, 2 Tha Left
You know what I'm talking about?
I love my life in the streets, n***a
We don't do love songs, you know what I mean?
We loving motherf**king streets, we loving this money, we loving these fast cars
We loving the violence, might sound crazy, right?
Sh*t don't stop, man, sh*t won't quit
And we just f**king around, you know what I mean?
Never ever quit
Never could, never would, b*t*h
G Perico
Just warming up
Probably 'bout drop another project soon, I don't know
Sh*t ready
Just throw it out one of these days, got a few ready
We gon' f**k 'em over, 2018
And you know what my favorite thing is? F**k y'all!
And that's not to the motherf**kers that really f**k with me, that's to the motherf**kers that act like they f**k with me
You know what mean, but when I leave, you what I'm sayin', you talking big sh*t about me
Yeah, f**k you
Now you ain't gotta like me, I ain't gotta like you but you gon' respect it, you know what I mean
I'm so into these streets so I don't know nothing else
Probably don't wanna know nothing else
I'mma get rich though, I'mma go move somewhere big and fat as a motherf**ker but, you know, I'll be around
But uh, back to hating a** n***as
You know what I'm saying, and you b*t*h a**, bum a** n***as!
Man, f**k y'all!
N***a, I'm so into this gangsta sh*t
Sh*t don't stop, baby