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Someday We Will song lyrics are written by Ginette Claudette

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Selected song name: Someday We Will
Singer Name: Ginette Claudette
Lyrics written by: Ginette Claudette

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As usual knock on my door
Back in a heart beat
No running from me
We've had it all
Big and the small
Who knew we would meet
You're nothing like me

But it doesn't matter
Cause I know that we're both fallin'
In love

But someday we'll have a picket fence around our home
And someday we'll both have love to warm us in the cold
And someday you'll know that this was all so meant to be
Someday she'll be me
Someday she'll be me

I know the deal
This love is real
I can't explain it
I can't contain it
It's mutual
Timing so wrong
We're not so different
Maybe I just want it all

Everyone you love, leaves you
Leaves a scar
Everyone you loved then leaves you
Leaves their mark

We will
We will
We will
We will
We will
We will
We will
We will