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Selected song name: Somethin’ Funky
Singer Name: Big Daddy Kane
Lyrics written by: Big Daddy Kane

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Get up and get with it
The beat at hand has been perfectly fitted
For the occasion, Kane's invasion
I'll invade, get paid in full
Instead of talking all that bull
I'll just invent and present an original
Idealistic concept that'll keep you on step

Just turn up the record player and pay attention
To the words I'm about to mention
I'm like a scientist this is my invention
To climb, my rhyme will be inching and inching
To the very tip top with my style of Hip Hop
Any rapper in my path will only get dropped
So, don't even try to go
My rhymes are impact with a Tyson blow
But I'm like Shaft, so cool that you feel a draught
Or like Superfly, I live in Do Or Die
I'll give your girl the kiss of death just like a vampire
Stomp out emcees just like a campfire
Then after disposing of everyone else
Big Daddy Kane'll go for self
As I announce rhymes to make the party bounce
And when I'm finished, pa** me the 40 ounce
But before I grab my brew
This is something funky from me to you, hit it

Ah, let's see what's next on the menu
Another section to continue and then you
Become captivated, fascinated, elevated
You grade it high-graded because the Kane made it
Imperial material, done complete
That's the reason why none of y'all can compete
So come one, come two, come a hundred or a thousand
It really doesn't matter, cause I'mma be housing
Many, plenty, any
No I don't despise or resent them
It's just really momentum
For me to grab the mic and get into my own thing
Control a whole crowd like Martin Luther King
Make the ladies say and fellas say
In harmony they all'll say
Begging for more, an encore
You'll have to raise your arms even if you ain't sure
You never know how I'm gonna kick it
I may get live, I may get wild, I may get ill or I may just chill
Until the time comes forth
For me to grab the mic and just cold go off
And get funky

Now this message goes to whom it may concern
Preferably speaking, emcees that need to learn
So I'll enlighten you, knowledge and brighten you
Pay close attention so that you can get it right and do
Proper procedures needed to be done
Know what I'm saying, my son?
Cause if I have to release a masterpiece
If you ain't with it, may you rest in peace
To come off hard is the moral of the story
Me coming off? Mandatory
So when it's time to kick funky four in a fair
Like the Jackson 5, I'll be there
With something funky