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Selected song name: Something In My Mind
Singer Name: Eddy Baker
Lyrics written by: Eddy Baker

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Idon'tknowjeffery n***a tonight I'm healthy I guess

F**k being the best I'm tryna leave a mess
F**k seeing your breasts b*t*h lift up ya dress
F**k f**king these hoes I'm tryna f**k less
Tired of going outside and getting sex
Doctor Jeffery in the game I'ma foul the ref
Back up in the game I'ma foul myself
High off in the game like Micheal Phelps
Momma gon' complain and say I need a belt
Cause I'm sagging out the frame I let my nuts see the sun
Horrible influence let ya son see my gun
Doctor Jeffery in the game I'ma foul the coach
You put out the blunt then I revive the roach
I got five freaking hoes in the Chevy Volt
They don't like to smoke I don't like to vote
I got five written out suicide notes
Couple trenchcoats and a lot of rope

But something in my mind told me let you n***as breathe
Something in my mind told me let you n***as uhh

crusher in the club and I'm throwing
Bald head looking like a black Stone Cold
Bad white b*t*h snorting blow up in her nose
F**k her with the quickness then you know I'm out the door
5K for a show blew it on some clothes
Bad model chick and a whole bunch a dro
I'm a b*st*rd you can call me John Snow
Drug dealing superstar killing every show
Crook motherf**ker staying low from the po'
Keep the pole tucked if you thinking I'ma hoe
Trackstar running sh*t still got them onions b*t*h
O's like them funion chips
Hands in alot of sh*t
And we still got klonopins
I don't pop them sh*ts but we got lots of xans
Hit the Gucci store and drop alot of bands
Every show I throw I got a lot of fans
I don't do a credit only dirty cash
Up on Crenshaw Ave with a Stacey Dash
In the dirty whip with a shorty pump
N***a talk sh*t bust em like we
Molly in the whip reefer in the trunk
Middle finger ups I don't give a f**k