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Stage song lyrics are written by Dom Fera

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Selected song name: Stage
Singer Name: Dom Fera
Lyrics written by: Dom Fera

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I'm on the corner of the stage
Baby, maybe I should stay
A little later maybe just in case

Love to say
You got me cornered on a page
But man I like a little pain
Or little changes, maybe they're the same

Oh my, I know when I'm 25
I'll think in a pretty line

Man I'm late
Bent into a natural state
Got particulars and dates
Articulated kinda by mistake

Love to wave
At every vision from a grave
But man I'd rather it explain
The wind and rain and maybe why it came

Oh my
I know when I'm 25
I'll think in a pretty line
And thank God I still got all this time
I'm at the center of the stage
Baby maybe I should frame
That bloody painting calling my name

If it works
You'll see a boxer and a curse
But it's buried by the church
The holy dirt might make it something worse