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Selected song name: Stand Alone Complex
Singer Name: GHOST DATA
Lyrics written by: GHOST DATA

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Lost sin, these hopeless kin so desperately
Compose her
Come closer

She'll steel her heart and shoulder apathy
Your sorrow, she'll borrow

I hear the wanderlust call out to me

Beneath the undertow with breathless glee
There I'd stay
Till I sang

Don't break down
I'll call the light, I swear we won't lose now

Clear soft sounds
With endless love for you she'll live somehow

With harbored thoughts she slowly falls asleep
Her soft sighs, pierce the night
Cold broken barks on blackened evergreens
They comfort her slumber
Burned cities welcome her like royalty
They transverse this dark curse
She'll go on repeating the same routine
Till one day, she'll exclaim...