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Selected song name: Streiht up menace
Singer Name: Compton’s Most Wanted
Lyrics written by: Compton’s Most Wanted

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Wake your punk a** up for the 93 shot
MC Eiht's in the motherf**kin house.. gyeah
And it ain't nothin but a compton thang y'all
And we ain't nuttin but n***as on the run
And this goes out to my n***as.. gyeah

A f**ked up childhood, is why the way I am
It's got me in the state where I don't give a damn, hmm
Somebody help me, but nah they don't hear me though
I guess I'll be another victim of the ghetto
Ain't no escapin, cause I'm way too young
Pops is dealin, and on top of that got moms sprung
Scheamin off the top, pops never figured
That he'd go down by the hands of another n***a
Now my pops is gone and that ain't no good
Got to follow in the foot steps of the homies from the hood
And where's the role model?
N***as putting brew in my f**kin baby bottle!
Damn, and through all the motherf**kin pain
They done drove my moms in-sane
So I guess I gotta do work so I ain't finished
I grow up to be a streiht up menace, gyeah

Uhh, come on y'all
Streiht up menace
Now I'm of age, and livin in the projects
Gettin paid off the clucks and the county checks
I'm Fil-ia fresh outta high school, never did I wonder
That the motherf**kin hood would take me under
Gyeah, I'm kickin it with the homies and they got the straps
Off to the corner store, owned by the f**kin {Japs}
See a b*t*h in the right lane so I comes with the mack
Astro Bam pulls a motherf**kin jack from the back
Now he's got the strap to my homie's head
See him play that sh*t cool, and don't be a fool!
He shot my n***a in the f**kin head
I caught one in the shoulder, if I didn't run I was dead
Now I'm layin in the hospital bed
Thinkin about them punk motherf**kers and my eyes is bloodshot red
Gyeah motherf**kers, I ain't finished
Be on the look-out for the streiht up menace, gyeah

Uhh, wha**up y'all
Streiht up menace .. damn!
Streiht up menace .. damn!

I'm in too deep
I done killed a motherf**ker and I just can't sleep
One-Time's tryin to do a smooth, creep
And on top of that
N***as after me for f**kin one of they hood rats
I ain't got time for the f**kin b*t*h's story
N***as want me gotta come to my territory
And ain't no 'You Can Get the Fist'
N***as come, and they get done on they own risk
What is it all about?
Should I leave or should I stay cause I don't wanna punk out
Oh what should I do? The homies say
'The hood's where it's good, homeboy, I thought you knew'
So in the process to show the hood my best
No time to react, caught two in the chest
Now look who's down, I guess I'm finished
I go out like a streiht up menace, gyeah
Uhh, come on y'all
Streiht up menace .. damn!

And on and on
I guess we outta here
Peace to my n***as on the run
And it ain't nuttin but streiht up menaces, damn!
Just like I said before y'all
It ain't nuttin but a compton thang
And MC Eiht's in the house for the 93 shot
And this one's for the n***as, gyeah