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Charged up like I just popped a Senzu Bean
My shooter off four bars, that’s that LTE

That card only hit for food, is it EBT?
Stan's pieces really slam like a DDT

I'll let the chop sing, IceJJFish
Hit your lil' b*t*h first, on some Ray J sh*t

Blue and lime Amiris with the paint splatter
Brodie in the kitchen whipping pots like it's cake batter

Super fly in these Amiris, Fly Jimmy Snuka
Flex? Nah, I can’t even do fifty push-ups
Stand back 'cause bro Harden, he’ll really cook ‘em

Pootie Tang with the belt, f**k around and whoop 'em
Sh*ttyBoy like I always got diarrhea
N***a’s claiming he ain’t broke, well I’m not either

Man, I think all my opps is some c*ck eaters
If you ain’t getting pape, you should stop breathing
Yo lil' granny ain’t safe 'less that b*t*h dead
How that’s yo b*t*h and she calling me "big head"?
It’s a scam, d**khead
Shot doggy with the Big Mac, now he McDead

You ever seen a whole in a cream soda?
Made a GoFundMe and I said I had Ebola
You only got fifty dollars, n***a, seal your lips
I just beat the f**k out of some kids playing ding-dong-ditch

Fraud star, man, I put up stats like Russell
Finna jam in the store, let me crack my knuckles
Coach took me out the game, I was lacking hustle
Now my shoes cost six and the jacket double
Punch sh*t to eliminate my anger
Wrestle? B*t*h, this ain’t Elimination Chamber
Got the Drake Bell but I’ll give yo a** a taper
Take them b*t*hes off, how you dripping in some Wrangler?

Hot Potato with the piece, b*t*h, too hot
Hit the b*t*h and she left on her tube socks
Hate n***as like that n***a off of Boondocks
Talking 'bout we ain’t swiping, n***a, who not?

Big chop light you up like a disco ball
Drums hanging out the AR like some big ol' balls
If I showed you the sauce, you would sh*t your drawers
10kkev and Sh*ttyboyz got yo b*t*h on balls
Born a star, think I came from the constellations
Real Sh*ttyBoy, b*t*h, I walk around constipated

I’m always watching, I got cameras everywhere
Spent twenty thousand on Amiris, I got over twenty pair
F**king lame, how you expect to compete
When you working up at Wendy’s getting 2.60 a week
Don’t ever fix your mouth to disrespect me
I just got my a** beat by my b*t*h 'cause yo b*t*h text me

If she ask for the head, then I’m Wizard Kelly
If she popping I’m getting in her belly

You still f**king young hoes, boy, you R Kelly
Told her how I’m ‘bout to c*m, she said, "Already?"

Strapped up, put your fists down, bozo
Made jugg page selling kicks like I’m no joke
Foreign kicks got my closet like a dojo
Pull out that big b*t*h if he tryna throw a low blow
Don’t let a confrontation turn into a murder
Oh, you said confrontation? Let me up the burner
Big dripping through this b*t*h, I could drown a surfer
Jugg what? Jugg who? You a known perper